Thursday, March 29, 2012

Saga #1 (Review)

Chapter One; written by Brian K. Vaughan with artwork by Fiona Staples, was extra long and had introductions, action, and the beginnings of a deep plot....everything a first issue should have and more.  Generally, I'm happy with a #1 if it just has introductions.....but Saga goes much further...

...We are introduced to Alana, Marko, & Hazel, the three main characters of this ongoing title.
...We are shown in explicit detail the basis of the plot for the entire series
...We get background history on both Alana's & Marko's races, and many other alien races as well, and how they all fit into the war that spans the galaxy.
    ....all of THAT in a #1 issue is amazing!

    What's more, I felt a personal emotion in the first issue, and find myself liking Alana & Marko. Vaughan does a masterful job of exploring their personalities in a way that (with the help of Staples' artwork) you pretty much "know" them within the first 12 of the 44 pages of this first issue.  Although a "mature" title (which you can gather within the first couple of pages), I was drawn into the story almost immediately (in a very similar way to how I responded the first time I saw the film Serenity). Also, it didn't feel rushed....which many issues are guilty of when they try and cram the amount of information, characters, and dialogue that this issue did with ease.

    I've heard this title described as "Romeo & Juliet meets Star Wars", and that is a very accurate description.  Alana & Marko are from different planets, cultures, races....but they meet, fall in love, and have a baby.  But that is NOT allowed! Both Planets (Landfall & Wreath) want them arrested, assassinated, and want the baby too! For different reasons, and employing a host of other planets and their races drawn into the galaxy-wide war between Landfall & Wreath.....the two sides of this epic conflict want these three found!  Alana, Marko, & Hazel just want to be free of the conflict and live their lives.

    Robot aliens, Unicorn-horned women, lying cats, Sci-Fi super-tech, Magic, & an actual grease-monkey grace the first issue that begins with the words, "This is how an idea becomes real."  My favorite part of this first issue, a scene where Alana, Marko, & the baby Hazel are stuck in the middle of gunfire between members of both Landfall & Wreath, both parties there to arrest them. Marko holds Alana, who is holding Hazel (who's not even an hour old yet)....Marko says, "My family," then looks into Alana's eyes and says, "I loved you so much."  He continues to hold her with his eyes closed as the firefight roars all around them.  It was a very touching scene to me....

    I hadn't really read much of Brian K. Vaughan's work before Saga, nor had I seen much of Fiona Staples' amazing artwork.....but I've fallen in love with Saga, Alana, Marko, & Hazel in just one issue.  THIS IS THE BEST #1 ISSUE I'VE EVER READ!!

    • For the amount of content permeating every page, 
    • For feeling like we know the main characters personally, 
    • For the epic yet simple plot this series will revolve around, 
    • For the hope and wonder shining from the pages of this issue,
    • For Fiona Staples' magnificent artwork,
    • and for Brian K. Vaughan's brilliant mind & writing skills.
    One week after it's release, issue #1 (or, Chapter One) is scheduled for a third printing.....Jump on board this series right now from #1 onward!  You will not be disappointed!  Citizen's Grade: Awesome!

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