Thursday, September 8, 2011

The "New 52": Week One.....(Review)

Hello, it's Week #1 of the New 52 and time to review the titles I picked up.  Actually; because my local comic book shop (Dave's Clubhouse in Columbus, OH) was sold out of most of the ones I wanted to pick up, there is only one title to review this week.......I'll give you a hint before you click "read more", this is my favorite quote from the issue:

"People like you make my skin crawl.  You got all this power. All this ability. You could do so much to help people. But instead all you do is terrorize. You think you're making names for yourselves? Building Reputations? You're not villains. Hell, You're not even badasses. You're Punks. And it's about time you got put in your place."

Have a Guess? Click "Read More" and see if you're right....

Green Arrow #1. 
Citizen's Grade: O.K.

There is a fine line between establishing character, and overwhelming the reader with too much character exposition.....which is the most important part of a #1 issue.  Writer JT Krul may have gone a little too much character exposition, although maybe not enough of the "classic" Green Arrow we know and love!  That said, he does a wonderful job bringing some excitement, a couple of new characters that assist Green Arrow in his adventures, an "evil CEO" who controls Queen Industries, and of course.....a few trick arrows!

Dan Jurgens' artwork is "updated", but still in his "classic" way he impresses with Green Arrow's new costume & younger looks.....though I didn't like the cover as much as the interior art....who has chops other than Wolverine?  George Perez's inks were good and fit well with the story & Jurgens' pencils.

What I loved about this issue was that they stayed true to the core character.  He has the new costume, and the new technology and tech assistants, & an updated bow......but he still has a "younger" hint of  the Ollie Queen personality and attitude! And of course.....a few trick arrows!! This book has a lot of potential, and was a decent issue to introduce (or, reintroduce depending on your stance) our beloved Emerald Archer!!

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  1. I didn't pick up this book, but I shall have to. Good review.