Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thief of Thieves #2 (Review)

"They say these Things aren't Ours, We Prove them Wrong...."

I love that quote from this issue. What this issue lacks in action, it more than makes up with emotional drama.....Spencer and Martinbrough make you feel the emotional entanglement that surrounds Redmond, Celia, & Audrey.  You see Redmond's regret as Audrey leaves, knowing he's lost her....and can't steal her back. You see his cool detachment from Celia, as though he's personified her as the "Venice Job".

Shawn Martinbrough's art is starting to win me over, working very well in this issue, especially how he is able to capture unspoken emotion in the faces he draws....and Nick Spencer does well writing, holding to the "chapter" format that we saw wonderfully done in issue #1.....

Redmond has quit, has decided not to steal....after "ducking" the decision with (we are assuming) everybody at the party, he and Celia have a personal discussion about his decision.  She is not happy, and finds his whole decision and the reason for it "just sad".

Redmond catches up with his ex-wife Audrey to tell her he's still in love with her and that he's quit the Venice job and that he wants her back in his life....Audrey tells him if he wants to admit he's a fool and apologize then he should be telling their son, not her.  Intermingled throughout this dialogue is a flashback to a "job" that Redmond did years ago before he and Audrey were married......Redmond and Audrey's brother doing a jewelry heist, while Redmond explains Audrey's pregnant and that he wants to marry her.  Audrey is the getaway driver who gets first pick of the rings.....specifically, an engagement ring.

The issue ends at a storage garage where Redmond silently reminisces over a picture of his son....

After a wonderful 1st issue, issue #2 shows that TofT's is going to be a wonderfully deep story, not just another action-without-substance title!  The story is moving along nicely, as we get some more background on Redmond's non-thieving life. The artwork seems to be getting better, or maybe I'm just now noticing it.  We know that he quit at the party in issue #1, so what happened at the party after he quit? Perhaps future issues will explain.....Citizen's Grade: O.K.

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