Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Comic Book Corner

With the idea in mind to make my Comic Book/Graphic Novel Collection aesthetically pleasing to the eyes; both  for myself and any friend or family member...whether they are into comics or not, I invested in some magazine racks for my monthly issues and displayed the Graphic Novels with various statues/action figures/etc. on the shelves.  I think it gives the two book shelves a fuller look without the clutter of a Barnes & Noble shelf, and collects my entire love of Comic Books & Characters into a smaller space (which any Wife, Girlfriend, or Mother of a Comic Fan can appreciate).

Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Not-so-New 52": Issue #5 Reviews (part one)

So another month and year has passed, and here at Superhero Reviews the sad news of O.M.A.C.'s cancellation has been received.  But optimism still abounds, as we eagerly await the first issue of Conan The Barbarian (from DarkHorse Comics) which will be released in February!....and with my tightening budget, I don't actually have to choose a title to drop....DC Comics did that for me.

This month we finally meet the mysterious Midas in Green Arrow, have an epic monster-battle royale in O.M.A.C., watch rage get smarter & perhaps learn that someone dead really isn't in Red Lanterns, and witness flying submarines in Deathstroke......on to the reviews:

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Book of the Month January 2012

Entering into 2012, I can think of no other book to recommend for a new year than Larry Gonick's Cartoon History of The Universe!  "Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it"; a quote of Irish Statesman Edmund Burke, rings true from the beginning of time until now and until humanity ceases to exist.  This book; the first in a 3 volume series, explores history from the Big Bang to Alexander The Great's conquests.....and is the most informative, most entertaining, most easy-to-learn-&-remember  history book I've ever read!! 

Larry Gonick is a Doctor of Math from Harvard University who loved history, so read...and read....and read....and read some more, and put together volumes of history written on a middle-school/high-school level, and drawn in a way that is factual and entertaining at the same time.  With a sense of humor; and sometimes irony, Gonick has provided mankind with what may be one of it's greatest works.....rivaling Plutarch, Josephus, or any other historian that has existed down through the ages.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Elephantmen: Questionable Things (Review)

The fourth volume of the wonderfully awesome Elephantmen series, Questionable Things continues to ask questions....and does answer some as well.  In fact, just about every question that I'd asked since I began reading this series was answered in "Q.T.", including a "hint" at possibly the biggest question of them all (going way back to the ending of Elephantmen: Concrete Jungle, released several years ago), does Sahara really die?

The impressive thing about this volume is the amount of different artists that contributed their work (especially in Issue #25, which had 26 different artists).  The amazing thing that makes it even more impressive is that they didn't lose the tone or feel of the story!  That is a very difficult thing to accomplish when you have so many artists working on the same project (I've seen books with just a couple artists lose the feel and tone  of the story).  Great job by all the artists involved in Questionable Things...and of course, to the mastermind of it all, Richard Starkings.