Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Green Arrow #7 (Review)

New writer Annie Nocenti starts a new journey and direction for our favorite Emerald Archer in this issue. From the outset, let me say that I was immediately impressed with the fast-paced style that Nocenti is bringing to Green was sorely lacking in previous issues.  Also, it appears (at least in this issue) that the constant conversing with Naomi & Jax is not as prevalent (also a good thing). This issue was action-filled, and "over the top" with Ollie Queen's personality traits showing through.....a great start for Nocenti!  She managed to get away from some of the things holding back this title in previous issues, and put her mark on The Archer from the get go.

As Ollie contemplates his life, he realizes that he is a slave to the office of Q-Core, and considers dropping the corporate scene in favor of just being Green Arrow....but his thoughts are interrupted when a "zillion" miniture arrows rain down from the sky with a Hummingbird?  He then finds himself fighting 3 mysterious, extremely beautiful, and intelligent women.  The three; calling themselves Skylark, confess their "ginormous" crush on Green Arrow, and that their "attack" was simply the means to meet him and impress him with their weaponry.

Taken in by their beauty and deadly arsenal, Ollie jettisons the stress of Q-Core's office to head off to Canada to see Skylark's labs. Things get "hot" on the jet ride up north, but quickly turn "cold" as Green Arrow finds himself hostage to the highly intelligent and deadly tripletts.  They crash Ollie's jet, leaving the rest of the world wondering if he is even still Green Arrow finds himself drugged, tied up, and waiting for Skylark's Father to make an appearance....

Citizen's Grade: Impressive (compared to the last few issues).  Nocenti delivers a great story, Harvey Tolibao's artwork is a little "weird" at first, but once you's decent-to-good.  I think it works well with Nocenti's writing style.  It is great to see Howard Porter back doing art, as his work graces the cover of this issue.  My only criticism of this issue is that Ollie Queen seems unconcerned about environmental issues when pressed by Naomi, which is the exact opposite of the character (pre-New 52).  That said, I'm patient enough to give Nocenti the chance down the road to write an arc bringing the young, brash Ollie into a more mature outlook on life.

I'm ecstatic to see that Green Arrow is back on track, and I hope that those who had dropped the title in frustration will come back and give Nocenti a chance to win them over!

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