Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Flash #7 (Review)

Last issue left off with Captain Cold beating down The Flash, Patty and others falling into the icy waters, & the Speedforce monitor showing critical mass......

Manapul & Buccellato continue their magnificent work in this issue, crossing boundaries into time & space, introducing new characters that will play into future events, and lest we forget....producing the best artwork of any DC Comics currently being published!  Ten years from now, we will all look back and comment on how this title changed the way artwork was done in the comic book industry.

Let's not discount the writing either.....Manapul & Booch have several threads weaving into the tapestry of The Flash, all of them have great potential...and seem to flow together effortlessly.  Let's take a look at some of them in our review of #7.....

In a matter of 9 seconds....The Flash fights off Captain Cold, saves Patty & others from the crashing ship, and sends Iris West & others to "who knows where?" when the Speedforce triggers a wormhole in time & space.   The Flash races to save them, but falls just a little short.  Also; as a side note, we learn that Cap'n Cold can't control his new powers while in water....freezing himself.

The Flash pulls Cold from the water, and beats him down at superspeed until he learns the reason for Cold's attack....Cap'n Cold's sister is dying of a brain tumor, which can't be operated on because of the E.M.P. blast that has knocked out power to the Gem Cities (back in issue #5). Cold is arrested, and The Flash promises to do all he can to help his sister....

Back at Dr. Elias's lab, The Flash jumps on the treadmill designed to siphon off excess Speedforce (to keep space-time tears from occurring), which charges giant battery cells which can be used for energy.  Dr. Elias promises to help figure out a way to find Iris West & the others that are missing.....but The Flash already has an idea.  Racing on the treadmill as fast as he can, The Flash opens a tear in time & space and hurtles himself through the wormhole...

We get our first glimpse of African Apes who can talk and seem to have a sophisticated society,  Captain Cold's sister is saved thanks to one of the Speedforce-charged battery cells, Patty tries to come to terms with Barry's death (she believes he was one of the ones who caught in the wormhole caused by The Flash while fighting Captain Cold).  She believes The Flash is a criminal, and blames him for Barry's death (not knowing that Barry is The Flash)....she breaks down while visiting with Director Singh, wishing she would have told Barry she loved him before he died.

Meanwhile, The Flash is hurtling through the wormhole he created using the treadmill in Dr. Elias's lab.  Watching his life flash before his eyes, he is distracted and doesn't notice the threat sneaking up on him.....Turbine!

Another wonderful issue starring the Scarlet Speedster, as Manapul & Booch put together another winner! The artwork is phenomenal as always.....a particular page that really struck me was as the wormhole is opening and swallowing Iris West & the others, The Flash races and leaps off of chunks of ice/debris to try and grab Iris, but falls just a little short.....literally.  The page is powerful, showing the story perfectly and the emotion behind it......even if there were no words, you would have a complete understanding with simple observation.  The facial expressions, how the panels were arranged, colors, etc. show the genius that is the creative team of Manapul & Booch!!  Part of the fun of this title, is reading and hearing what other Flash fans are noticing in the artwork as well.....and going back through issues to see it for yourself (see:below)!  Can't wait for #8!!

Citizen's Grade: Impressive. 

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