Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Daredevil (Review)

Citizen's Grade: O.K.

Blinded by a childhood accident, Matt Murdock found that the chemicals that blinded him also enhanced his other senses to superhuman levels. Now using those four other senses, Matt Murdock seeks justice as an attorney and as Daredevil, the Man without Fear.

The film follows the origin of Daredevil, from the accident that blinded him to his Father's death. In the present he defends a man charged with murder, and meets a beautiful woman....Elektra Natchios.
 As Matt pursues a romance with Elekra, the Kingpin wishes to eliminate Elektra's father; his partner, and rule all of New York. He hires an odd assassin known as Bullseye to carry out the task, but Daredevil's interference causes him to miss.

As Daredevil begins to piece together Bullseye, Kingpin, & the murder of Natchios.....a new vigilante begins stalking him....Elektra is on the hunt, blaming Daredevil for her father's murder. Meanwhile, reporter Ben Urich is putting the clues together to figure out who Daredevil is....

Elektra attacks and injures Daredevil, then Bullseye shows up to seek revenge....and it all ends with a final showdown between Daredevil and the Kingpin....

This film is odd....on the one hand I almost graded it "Impressive" because I loved the story and the action. On the other hand, you must ignore certain glitches in history, continuity, and one certain character who doesn't look like he does in the comics...enough said. If you can get past those issues, then it's an enjoyable movie...if not, you will probably not like it.

Stars Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Colin Farrell, & Michael Clarke Duncan.

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  1. I always felt this movie got a worst rap then it deserved. My personal feeling is it got the rap it did because it followed on the heels of Spider-Man which blew everyone away... while this movie was, well you said it, it was O.K. Being 'okay' on the heels of a movie like Spider-Man is one sin the fans won't except.

    I think Green Lantern suffered from a similar problem, it was okay, (maybe sub-okay) but followed on the heels of two movies that surprised the hell out of everybody.