Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Seasons & Mini's versus the On-going...

From a series of Posts I made at ifanboy.com.... 

"I can understand the corporate mentality of an on-going….and with the titles like Batman, Spiderman, etc., it makes sense. I would think that with great selling titles or titles with one author for several years (Green Lantern for example), it would make sense to keep an on-going numbering. However, with lesser selling titles/characters…..”Seasons” or “Mini’s” may be the way to go.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Elephantmen: Armed Forces (Review)

Armed Forces is a collection that includes the sold out graphic novel  War Toys (see: Book of the Month), War Toys: Yvette, & a couple of issues from the ongoing monthly, Elephantmen.  Richard Starkings continues the writing on this masterpiece of Pulp Science Fiction, while artwork is done by some of the greatest artists in the industry today....Moritat, Boo Cook, Ladronn, & Axel Medellin.

While I must admit that Saga has taken over as the #1 comic book in my heart, Elephantmen takes a backseat to nothing else being published today.  Completely original, entertaining, with some of the best storytelling and artwork available....it's in a word: Awesome!

The Hardcover editions are breathtakingly gorgeous, with attached ribbon bookmarker, great binding....a very "real book" look and feel.

This volume is a prequel to the other Elephantmen volumes, showing the history and background on our main characters, the war fought in Europe between Central Africa & China, & the European resistance led by it's symbolic leader, Yvette. She is really the star of this volume, as she matures from naive little sister to unstoppable Force of Nature!

Saga #5 (Review)

To say that this title so far has been awesome would be an understatement.....Brian K. Vaughan (Writer) & Fiona Staples (Artist) have easily created the best series of 2012.  Saga & The Walking Dead are the only non-"Big 2" (DC & Marvel) titles in the Top 50 (in Sales) for the last 6 months.  Saga has been doing great in sales, with several reorders for each of the first 5 issues.  This is a title still gaining new readers every month, and boasts an impressive female reading audience as well (something most comic book titles struggle to find).

The covers for every issue have been wonderful, boasting a character from the Saga Universe, this issue having Prince Robot IV gracing it's cover.  He seems to have father issues, a bad temper, and maybe some problems in the bedroom as well.....but things are looking up, as he receives good news in this issue.

Issue 4 ended with Marko, Alana, & Hazel face-to-face with Landfall soldiers looking to "pacify" them, The Will trying to escape Sextillion with a little girl he's saved from slavery, & The Stalk still lurking about......on to the review.....

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Flash #10, #11, & #12 (Review)

Well, the "New 52" Flash is officially a year old!  Sales have been solid, Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato have proven they can write as well as do fabulous arwork, & this has consistently been my favorite DC Comics title.  "The Man" & "Booch" have introduced us to the re-imagined Rogues, Gem Cities, & Barry Allen with art that borders on masterpiece.....I cannot state enthusiastically enough how wonderfully awesome the artwork is from the first to last page in every issue done by these two creators.

The Flash is one of the most visually-influenced characters in comic books.  What I mean is, the story almost always hinges on the visual....rather than the visual on the story (i.e. Batman, Green Lantern, etc.).  DC Comics made the right decision in giving this title to Manapul & Buccellato, two artists who were new to writing.  They have progressed exponentially as writers over their first 12 issues together, all the while providing the breathtaking artwork that is needed on a title like The Flash!

Looking back over the years at wonderful artwork on The Flash.....from the talented hands of Harold Porter, Ethan Van Sciver, Scott Kolins, & Andy Kubert (off the top of my head).....it is Francis Manapul's Flash that I always see now when I think of The Flash!  He has made The Flash "Iconic" again in my eyes....Thank You Mr. Manapul!!!

On to the reviews.....

Monday, August 27, 2012

Red Lanterns #11 & #12 (Review)

It is only beginning!!!!

The Red Lanterns are having issues.....split into two factions, separated in two directions, dying one-by-one from whatever and whomever has poisoned the Red Lanterns' Power Battery on their home planet Ysmault.....things are not looking good.

So, it's almost been a year for the Red Lanterns title.....a year of RAGE!!  Sales show them around the middle of the pack for DC titles, and last among the 4 Green Lantern Titles.....but at around 36k, sales are solid for this title, and it should continue for at least another year or two.  Peter Milligan is going strong, with no announced plans of going anywhere...and artist Miguel Sepulveda is showing his worth just a few issues in.  On to the reviews.....

Reed Gunther: The Bear-Riding Cowboy (Review)

I've collected comic books over a couple of decades, and Reed Gunther is one of the best "all ages" comic books that I've ever read.   Entertaining, fun, comical at times....with a decent story plot and good writing & artwork. Reed, Sterling (his best friend, and also a bear), & Starla have "wild west" fun fighting monsters, giant snakes, and an "evil" businessman....which all leads them to New York City! Every Chapter leaves a smile on your face and chuckling under your breath as you shout "Pickled Beets!"

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Godzilla Legends (Review)

This 5-issue mini-series explored some of Toho's other monsters that regularly make appearances in Godzilla movies and comics.  Each issue/chapter of this Graphic Novel explores one of the monsters pictured on the cover.

Various writers & artists collaborated on this project; most notably Matt Frank, who drew the cover for the collection and all of issue 1.  Simon Gane; the current artist on the on-going Godzilla series from IDW, is among the artists as well.

The Godzilla/Toho universe is a rather simple one......Giant Monsters, Alien races, and Humans trying to determine the friendliness of the aliens and avoid/defeat the Monsters.  Godzilla is the Alpha-Monster, who regularly saves mankind while also crushing them underfoot.

I am rather new to Godzilla; having watched several of the movies as a child.....and am currently catching up on several Godzilla films made after 1998.  IDW has done an outstanding job staying "true" to the franchise's history and direction (unlike previous incarnations of Godzilla at Marvel & Dark Horse).....much like they've done with G.I. Joe, Transformers, Doctor Who, Star Trek, & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

On to the Review.....