Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thief of Thieves #1 (Review)...and a little ranting

I've heard a lot about Robert Kirkman; star creator of The Walking Dead, though I admit I've never read anything of his before. I hadn't even heard about TofT's until a week before #1 was released.....just happened to be on Image Comics' website checking out previews for Saga & Manhattan Projects.  I've heard a lot about Nick Spencer as well, but haven't read anything of his either (he writes a lot of titles for Marvel Comics, but I haven't read any Marvel title except The Incredible Hulk since J. Michael Straczynski left Thor a few years ago).  But they are two very recognizable writers/creators, and I did enjoy the Ocean's Trilogy & love Hudson Hawk......so I gave it a try!

This first issue is as you would expect for a brand new title with a brand new concept, it's all about introductions.
 Before #1 even hit the comic book shops, I had read several comments on websites chiding Kirkman as a "sell-out" and just coming up with this idea to get another tv series, blaa blaa blaa.....and side-tracking from the review for a moment, WHY WOULDN'T KIRKMAN TRY AND GET ANOTHER TV SHOW???!!!???

Look at all the news articles about starving artists, and creators who've had their work stolen by one of the "big 2".....if I were Kirkman, I'd do the same thing!  Why wouldn't you, if you were in his shoes? Which Option below would you choose, given the choice?:

Option A. Create a great concept, sell tons of comics, get tv &/or movie deals (i.e. Alan Moore, Mark Millar, Robert Kirkman)......be financially comfortable for years to come, which frees you up to create other concepts, sell tons of comics, and get MORE tv/movie deals! Meanwhile, have fans on forums berate you for "selling out" and "just creating anything that can be a tv show or movie".

Option B. Kowtow to the "big 2", have concepts and arcs stolen from you, get no credit for your creations or royalties from tv/movie deals (i.e. just about everyone except those mentioned above, and even some of them...). When you have exhausted and exacerbated your mind for all ideas and creations, be dumped to the curb to travel paycheck-to-paycheck signing autographs at conventions until you get carpel-tunnel and then owe back-taxes to the IRS and get sued by "big 2" for royalties on your autograph profits, having comics-conscious websites taking up collections to help you pay for legal costs and damages.  Meanwhile, have fans on forums berate you for not coming up with original concepts and talk about how you've "lost your edge" and are "out of touch with today", etc.

Which Option would you choose?.....exactly. So think before you write about Kirkman "selling out"!  I love DC & Marvel, but I understand they are all about the $$$, and they try and market everything for merchandise and tv/movies, so where is all the criticism for that?......but I digress.

Anyway, back to the review......issue #1 introduces us to Redmond & Celia, Thief & Apprentice. Going back and forth between the past and present, with the first page appearing to be future...?  An elaborate scheme to steal some very secure and heavily guarded pearls introduces us to the allure and talent of Celia, and the elaborate thieving mind of Redmond.  A Flashback shows Redmond showing Celia how to properly commit Grand Theft Auto, their first meeting.

The issue ends with Redmond coming face-to-face with Arno; his financier in a grand scheme involving Venice, who throws a little surprise party in anticipation of their great heist......but Redmond quits (to which I'm sure there will be consequences).

In anticipation of #1's release, I watched through the Ocean's Trilogy, and read this issue the same way I watched the films.  Expecting that this would just be introductions and the tip of the iceberg, and expecting that the first issue would only spawn endless questions & answer really nothing except the characters involved. With that mindset, I loved Thief of Thieves #1!!  Nick Spencer did a great job writing the various "chapters" of the issue, opening our minds to the various directions and characters that this title will entail. Robert Kirkman has come up with a wonderful creative concept, and I think this title could actually lead into a second successfully marketable tv/movie franchise.

Citizen's Grade: Impressive.  The only criticism in my mind could be the art (done by Shawn Martinbrough).  But given the nature and style of the title, it's more about story and less about artwork.....though the artwork is NOT bad, just not great.  It's on my pull list.


  1. I have not read the book, but i love the cover! Nice art and great logo.