Wednesday, March 14, 2012

O.M.A.C. #7 (Review)

Wow, I'm going to miss this title!  In "Overnight, Mysterious Animals Converse", O.M.A.C. finds himself at odds with quite possibly the most powerful Superhero on the planet, Superman! Brother Eye is surprised that Maxwell Lord could garner the support of The Man of Steel, but I suspect Supes has no idea what Checkmate and Cadmus are up to in Metropolis.....only that O.M.A.C. is wrecking things on "street level".  Faced with defeat, Eye blinks O.M.A.C. away so that he can heal.

Kevin Kho finds himself at the Toledo Zoo, unable to OMACTIVATE because of the damage caused by Superman. Eye leaves Kevin to wander around until O.M.A.C. can heal.  Kho; however, finds that he is not alone....but rather is among very strange anthropomorphic zoo animals, experiments of Warden Gaym in The Factory of Evil (hidden underground below the zoo).

The human-animal hybrids' leader Tuffy (the tiger), will not let them leave and escape until they have freed his father. Warden Gaym unleashes Tuffy's father on them, and Kevin OMACTIVATES to face off against the Warden, who is revealed as Simyan (an anthropomorphic ape)!!  Simyan escapes and Tuffy is forced to kill his father to save his friends.  O.M.A.C. tears down the Evil Factory, and bids his new friends farewell, as they leave the zoo to find Tuffy's brother.

Citizen's Grade: Impressive.  Dan DiDio's writing is stellar (as it has been since issue #1), and it's wonderful to see Keith Giffen back doing ALL of the artwork.  I will be sad when this title ends after #8, although O.M.A.C. is scheduled to make an appearance in JLI #9 the next month.  I am tempted after this issue, to drive up to the Toledo Zoo and see if I can find the remains of the Evil Factory!!....just kidding, but maybe not.


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