About Jon Q. Citizen...

A long, long time ago in a small little town called Cambridge (Ohio), My parents bought me my first comic books.....I was 7. Three of them actually, ROM: Space Knight, Moon Knight, & Ghost Rider.....ROM:SK was still in print, Ghost Rider was on a horse, and Moon Knight wasn't showing signs of multiple personalities....I'm getting soooooo old (sigh).

I collected comics as quickly as I could scrape money together, and ended up with a favorite Hulk issue where he is fighting Doc Samson after Hulk becomes Gray Hulk. That and the Who's Who of DC Comics and Marvel Universe were mind-blowing stuff!!

I then attempted to be "cool" and less "nerdy" for a few years.....failed miserably, by the way. After being "born again" in Christ in 1995, I thought comic books were "foolishness" and border-line sinful....God forgive me! I came to realize over time that they are fun....and God does allow that!

Started collecting again in 2003, and haven't looked back! I have a collection of Graphic Novels numbering over 300 (including many Deluxe Editions, Best of..., & a few Omnibus as well).

I've embraced being "geeky" & "nerdy" and realize I was NEVER "cool". Hopefully I can wear my superhero t-shirts and read comic books/graphic novels until the day I die.

Currently, my local comic book shop is Capital City Comics in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.