Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Green Lantern #7 (Review)

When we last left Hal Jordan, he and Carol Ferris were enjoying a "romp in the hay" when suddenly they are interrupted by Sinestro....calling Hal to duty with his ring.  Geoff Johns is weaving another Green Lantern Mega-Event....involving the various emotional-spectrum Corps, the Guardians, & a Third Army (?).

You have to wonder how many GL "Events" Johns has planned, and when it may become too many? That said, we do have 4 Green Lantern Franchise titles coming out every a one or two "Events" a year is probably a good thing to keep all the titles headed in the right direction.  It doesn't have to cover the entirety of the DC Universe, just the 4 GL titles is sufficient.  Enough speculation for now, let's move on to Issue #7's review.....

This issue begins with Hal telling Sinestro to get lost, he wants to stay on earth and just be Hal Jordan.  Sinestro doesn't like to be told "No", so he puts a construct-gun to Carol's head and threatens to pull the trigger if Jordan doesn't join him that instant.

For all the negative comments I've read concerning Hal Jordan in his subservient role to Sinestro, Hal attacks Sinestro man-to-alien-man to protect his love....doesn't seem too "weak" to me.  While Carol looks on, Sinestro begins to tell Jordan of his vision from the Book of the Black (see: Issue #6), and how the Guardians are going to destroy the Green Lantern Corps.  But before Sinestro can finish, "NOK!"....that's right! The mysterious Indigo Tribe appears in full force to capture Sinestro.....and save him?

Carol grabs her ring and becomes Star Sapphire.....Jordan leaves with the Indigo Tribe (who have kidnapped Sinestro), and wakes up in another jail cell......speaks with Black Hand, and learns that Sinestro will become one of the Tribe's!  "Compassion be with You".....

Meanwhile, the Guardians interrogate Lyssa Drak to find the Book of the Black.....needing the Book to find the "First Lantern".  Drak doesn't have it, which leads the Guardians to believe that Sinestro does. Ganthet makes plain the plan to "strike down our Lanterns" when they are fully prepared.  The issue ends with Indigo-1 and the rest of the Tribe standing over Sinestro, who is now in chains.

The Indigo Tribe is probably the most mysterious of all seven corps of light, having the least explained and no "origin story" to date.  A little about Indigo-1 has been revealed, but not enough to make any sense.....and Compassion itself can be a double-edged sword depending on where you are standing.  It's compassionate to help someone in need, but is it not also compassionate to end the suffering of an fatally wounded animal by killing it? It will be interesting in upcoming issues to see what direction Geoff Johns goes in, as we begin to amp up for the introduction of the Third Army....

Doug Mahnke does great work yet again as artist of this issue.  All-in-all, a good issue with some good mysterious build-up.....Citizen's Grade: Impressive.

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