Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The "New 52": Six Months Later (The Flash #6 Review)

One of the most highly anticipated titles of the "New 52" was The Flash. It was also one of the most criticized prior to it's release, because of untested writers Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato.  Issue #1 showed us right out of the gate that this title was going to be AWESOME! The artwork is the main hook for this title, both beautiful and intricate....even if there were no words, I'd still collect The Flash just for the artwork!

Manapul and "Booch" have proven that they are not only astoundingly talented artists, but that they can write as well. The opening arc centered on Mob Rule, and was entertaining and interesting.  The beginning of the second arc featuring the"new" Captain Cold is "off the hook"!

Sales are up from the previous Flash title, and it's been a Top 10 seller since the "New 52" began, it boasts the best artwork in DC Comics right now, and the writing is good as well, so Citizen's Grade: AWESOME!

On to the review of issue #6.....
This issue starts with immediate action and a little background on The Flash's previous experiences with Captain Cold, but The Flash is surprised to see Cold is "different" & begins to realize he liked Cold better when he had his guns. Cap'n Cold's new powers seem to slow down The Scarlet Speedster, putting them on even ground.

After a flashback to yesterday.....the revelation that Patty is now Barry's girlfriend and The Flash's meeting with Dr. Elias (who fitted him with a "Speedforce Monitor", after Elias discovered that the Speedforce is damaging the fabric of Space & Time)......we return to the confrontation between Cold & The Flash. As ships precariously perched upon pillars of ice begin to fall, The Flash must try and fight off Cap'n Cold and save the lives on the ships at the same time.....

A flashback to this morning reveals the reason for Captain Cold's current actions.....his sister is dying and the only equipment that could be used to operate on her and possibly save her life is useless because of the E.M.P. blast that appears to be The Flash's fault.  Cold is out for vengeance!  Meanwhile....Barry, Patty, & Iris West are meeting for lunch on one the boats; discussing a cold case murder, when Cold attacks in an effort to draw out The Flash.

As The Flash fights Cap'n Cold and attempts to save the falling ships, his Speedforce energy level climbs to dangerously high levels, and the monitor made by Dr. Elias reads that the threat to Space-Time is critical! As The Flash tries to save Patty, he is struck by one of Cold's icy projectiles. The issue ends with her part of the ship crashing through the ice into the water, as The Flash watches helplessly.

If I may quote Booch, "Captain Cold is not a pushover. And I think Flash is in for a little bit of a rude awakening. He's not your daddy's Captain Cold."  That sums up this issue.  The artwork is amazingly detailed, as little blue streaks replace the yellow ones as The Flash gets closer to Cap'n Cold in every panel, the way the panels are pieced together throughout the issue builds the story....Manapul and Booch are easily the best artists in DC right now, in my opinion.

For issue #6, Citizen's Grade: Impressive.

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