Thursday, May 24, 2012

Saga #3 (Review)

So, we find Marko, Alana, & Hazel still in the Endless Woods (it is "endless", you know).....Marko bleeding to death from The Stalk's attack last issue, and the "horrors" having appeared.

We quickly learn that the "horrors" aren't exactly that, but rather are ghosts...."spiritual defenders of Cleave".  Marko regains consciousness momentarily and lets Alana know that he would need snow for a healing spell.....of course it's sweltering, and they are nowhere near snow.  One of the Ghosts; Izabel (see: cover on left), offers to help....for a price.  She wants off Cleave, but can only achieve escape if she's bonded with someone born on Cleave.  Alana is wary about allowing a ghost to bond to her daughter, but she does need snow for Marko.

The Stalk is still about, but is too busy fending off the indigenous wildlife to keep pursuing Marko, Alana, & Hazel.  She calls The Will, and we learn that the two have had a "past".   Prince Robot IV is planetside as well....

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Higher Earth #1 (Review)

The new series from Boom! Studios, written by Sam Humphries, with artwork by Francesco Biagini.  Let me say from the start that I was drawn to this new on-going series NOT because of the writer or artist or publisher.....but because of the story concept.

The art is decent; by the way, with great colors by Andrew Crossley.  Biagini's art comes from different angles, and the fight sequences are good.  Sam Humphries' writing is good, carrying with it a great concept of awesome potential.  The former writer of Planet of The Apes, and soon to be Marvel Comics writer, Humphries shows his muster with a good first issue introducing us to Rex & Heidi; the two main characters, and Rex's bird (?).  The only place the writing fell short to me was that there was almost no revelation as to who the "enemy" is.....of course, I'm sure it will be revealed as the story progresses.

The first issue was only $ can't beat that!!