Friday, September 30, 2011

The "New 52": Week Four.....(Review)

After skipping "New 52": Week Three, I am posting my picks for Week Four.  This week actually had the most pulls on my list, so I was excited and eager to Dive in to Aquaman, Race through The Flash, read something New in New Guardians, & Savagely tear through Hawkman! (puns ALL intended).....they did NOT disappoint!

Due to time and financial restraints, I wanted to collect no more than 10 DC Titles, so I was a little worried when I decided to drop Superman & Batman, to make room for Red Lanterns, New Guardians, Hawkman, Aquaman,  & Mister Terrific (who was subsequently dropped for Deathstroke)....but All is Well, as all the new pulls have impressed......and now Week Four's reviews:

Friday, September 23, 2011

Elephantmen: Dangerous Liaisons (Review)

Citizen's Grade: Awesome.

If you are not already aware, Elephantmen is the best comic book being published today! Period.  I know fans of other books may argue, and I myself do have some favorite characters that would rank higher....but in issue after issue the Writing is brilliant, the Artwork is breathtaking, the Lettering is top-of-the-industry, and the Inking is perfect for the look and feel of this series....EVERY SINGLE ISSUE, EVERY BOOK!!!  When you purchase the volumes you just want to set them on your bookshelf and admire them for hours! Then invite your friends to come look (but DON'T TOUCH!) as well.  I can not recommend this title enough, IT IS the best overall title being published today! Period.

Friday, September 16, 2011

The "New 52": Week Two.....(Review)

As "Revamp" Month continues, another week of great titles has been shipped!  This week I picked up a few, and enjoyed them all.....though some more than others.

My LCS was sold out of Green Lantern #1, and OMAC #1 (which I'd heard good things about and wanted to pick up from the previous week).....but here are the ones I purchased and here is my favorite quote of the week.....

"I think there is no 'up-and-coming'. There's only competition. And I don't work with it."

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The "New 52": Week One.....(Review)

Hello, it's Week #1 of the New 52 and time to review the titles I picked up.  Actually; because my local comic book shop (Dave's Clubhouse in Columbus, OH) was sold out of most of the ones I wanted to pick up, there is only one title to review this week.......I'll give you a hint before you click "read more", this is my favorite quote from the issue:

"People like you make my skin crawl.  You got all this power. All this ability. You could do so much to help people. But instead all you do is terrorize. You think you're making names for yourselves? Building Reputations? You're not villains. Hell, You're not even badasses. You're Punks. And it's about time you got put in your place."

Have a Guess? Click "Read More" and see if you're right....

Monday, September 5, 2011

Can't Wait for The Flash to Start!!!


This is one of the new DC Titles I can't wait to start!!  The artwork looks Awesome, and I'm sure the writing will be as well!!

Superman/Batman: Big Noise (Review)

Citizen's Grade: O.K.

The tenth collection of the Superman/Batman series.  This series has impressed over time despite no promotion from DC Comics since Jeph Loeb left.  The artwork and writing have always been at least O.K., and on some occasions quite impressive.

Big Noise was written by Joe Casey (known most recently for writing Ziggy Marley's superhero,  Marijuana Man), with artwork from Ardian Syaf & Scott Kolins. This veteran group of creators deliver a "veteran" story in Big Noise (I'll explain "veteran" story further down).

A Kryptonian Ship appears out of nowhere with all it's inhabitants murdered.  A missing escape pod. As Batman & Superman investigate the ship's past and try to track down the one missing escape pod, an assassin attacks the Dailey Planet in an attempt to murder reporter Clark Kent.  These are the clues to the mystery that lays before The Man of Steel and The Dark Knight.

PunisherMax: Kingpin & Bullseye (Review)

Citizen's Grade: O.K.

If you are a fan or The Punisher, then the PunisherMax series is for you! Jason Aaron & Steve Dillon deliver Frank Castle in a brutal, classic way while adding new elements to the character.  Overall a decent series so far dealing with the brutal justice handed out by The Punisher in a way too violent and sinister for the regular Marvel Universe. This review covers the first two collections of the PunisherMax series....Kingpin & Bullseye.

A hail of Bullets changed Frank Castle's life forever. He watched helplessly as mob elements gunned down his wife and children in their crossfire, but Frank Castle is helpless no The Punisher. His mission: to deliver his form of justice and punishment to those that live outside the law.