Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Manhattan Projects #1 (Review)

Imagine if The Manhattan Project was more than just an Atomic Bomb, but rather series of other, highly unusual, top-secret programs from the World's brightest minds.....and what if everything went wrong? That is the simplest description of The Manhattan Projects.

Author Jonathan Hickman & artist Nick Pitarra bring us Hickman's newest creation, a mad-scientist look at mad-scientists like Oppenheimer, Einstein, & others. An unusual look; although not historic, at historic figures surrounded in mystery.

The first issue; Infinite Oppenheimers,  looks at Doctor Robert Oppenheimer, both now and his (and his brother Joseph's) unusual past.  We get a glimpse at Einstein, see an attack by Japanese robot samurai, and realize that Doctor Oppenheimer is NOT his brother....and yet IS his brother.

This title is a little bit Fringe, a little bit Van Helsing, with a touch of American Psycho.....a gory and enjoyable look at brilliant minds and their bouts of insanity. I am really looking forward to where this title will lead.
Citizen's Grade: Impressive.

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