Saturday, January 9, 2010

Batman: The Cat and The Bat (Review)

Citizen's Grade: Impressive.

Batman: The Cat and The Bat is the third volume of the Batman Confidential series. This volume stars Batwoman and Catwoman. Batwoman; looking for Commissioner Gordon's coded notebook, realizes it's been stolen. She follows the thief to learn that it is Catwoman! After a great "catfight" (some of it with very little attire!), the two vigilantes realize that someone else wants it as well.

Catwoman gets shot, and Batwoman gets beaten up by a huge man.....then Catwoman reveals why she stole the notebook in the first place. She is trying to save a teenage girl used as a "sexslave" by the Vassily mob. They try to get back the notebook from the Vassily mob, only to get beat up again and they escape. Batman then arrives on the scene to help.

With Batman's help they save the teenage girl, and bring down the Vassily mob. Batwoman follows The Riddler; hired by the Vassily mob to decipher the notebook, to Arkham Asylum and runs the gauntlet of psycho villains to get the notebook back. Just as she achieves victory and is ready to face down The Riddler.....she discovers Catwoman has beat her to it. She gets the notebook back anyway, and returns it to Commissioner Gordon's desk.

Written by Fabian Nicieza, with artwork by Kevin Maguire. Nicieza does a wonderful job writing a humorous, constantly moving detective story and Maguire does a fantastic job drawing the lovely Batwoman and Catwoman.

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