Friday, August 3, 2012

Dinosaurs vs. Aliens (Review)

Now this is an interesting concept.....which is definitely doubling as movie pitch for Barry Sonnenfeld (who is the director famous for the "Men in Black" film franchise).  Written by the Iconic Grant Morrison, with artwork done by Mukesh Singh & Liquid Studios.  The Graphic Novel is published by Dynamite Entertainment.

Just when I had given up hope that Grant Morrison could write a simplistic, straightforward, awesomely wonderful comic book like he did "back in the day" (I am referring to his JLA writing)....he writes this great piece of work!  So simple it's simple it's complex and mind-blowing!  Bravo, Grant Morrison, bravo!

I will be at my local cinema at 10am waiting in the Dinosaurs vs. Aliens line........I may have to leave occasionally (for work and showers), but I will be there on opening day!!!  On to the review...

This graphic novels screams "opening scenes from upcoming film",  with dinosaurs facing off against one another as Aliens traversing the universe land believing themselves the only intelligent life on the planet.  There is a unique comparison that I read in an interview with Morrison.....that Dinosaurs vs. Aliens is in it's most basic sense a close comparison to Europeans landing in America and their outlook on the "New World" (claiming ownership on whatever soil they stepped on without thought to anyone else prior to them having claim to it) and Native Americans (as being in all aspects "less then" Europeans).  That distinctive perspective makes itself quite clear in the opening pages of this wonderful story.....

Notice the headdress, bracelets, necklaces, and "war" paint

The story is narrated by an alien, Commander Kit.  He explains how they ended up at the "blue planet", their investigations of plants and animals, their assumptions and mistakes that led to the inevitable clash of cultures.  In essence, he explains how it became Dinosaurs vs. Aliens!!

Grant Morrison does a masterful job of going somewhere I've not seen anyone go before (that I'm aware of), though you can argue it's basically Avatar....which is basically Dancing with Wolves....which is basically _______ (fill in the blank).....but I'm talking about comics, and dinosaurs portrayed with "human" cultural aspects.  Morrison's writing is fluid and simple, not the usually convoluted mess of abstract thoughts and "pulling rabbits out of a hat" to complete stories that his writing has become over the last 5 years or so (in my opinion.....he sells tons of comic books, & has millions of maybe I'm just not intelligent enough to get his stuff, which is quite possible!)

These don't look like adversaries you would want to f@*# with!
The Artwork is phenomenal!!  Mukesh Singh has done work for Virgin Comics in the past, Evi & Guy Ritchie's Gamekeeper.....he is a great talent!!  He should give Richard Starkings a call during his downtime and draw some would fit perfectly with his talents and what he's done so far.  Anyway, he does an awesome job of giving a human "aspect" to the dinosaurs while keeping them dinosaurs. A simple idea, but very difficult to accomplish....Singh gets the job done!

Think Jurassic Park meets Aliens, and you have the basic understanding of how awesome this book is, and how the eventual movie will be!!  My hope is that there is a Part Two on the way soon, and a film shortly thereafter! Citizen's Grade: Awesome.

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