Sunday, March 14, 2010

Elephantmen: Must have for Comic Fans!!

Issue #24 was released just this week for Elephantmen. Although sometimes delayed, this series is probably the best regular monthly comic in the industry right now. Unfortunately, many comic fans are unaware of it & many comic shops don't sell it. It is a travesty!! Richard Starkings consistently has great stories, many directions and multiple characters going on in every issue! The artwork is always stellar no matter who is doing the drawing....Moritat is a master!

Let me quote the Power Rankings from the website "The Weekly Crisis" (

"I’m really running out of ways to talk about how great Elephantmen is. This issue is no different than any other issue from this franchise. It is incredibly brilliant, thought-provoking, well-crafted, horrifying, and beautiful. There is no other title in the industry that is this consistently intelligent and entertaining at the same time. Every issue of Elephantmen sticks with you after reading and this is no different. Reading Elephantmen is an experience and should not be missed."

I urge all comic book fans to ask your local comic shop to sell Elephantmen and share the love of this great work with other comic fans!

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