Saturday, July 31, 2010

Space Ghost (Review)

Citizen's Grade: Impressive.

The sold-out 6 issue mini-series collected in Graphic Novel form as Space Ghost is wonderfully written (by Joe Kelly) and drawn (by Ariel Olivetti), and does justice to the mythos of one of television's first cartoon heroes. Unlike most Comic Book characters, Space Ghost wasn't created by a comic book writer, but by a media conglomerate...Hanna Barbera Productions. Created in 1966, most (at least most my age) would recognize him from the Cartoon Network's Late-Night Talk Show "Space Ghost Coast to Coast", starring Space Ghost & other characters from the TV series (just like Jay Leno or David Letterman). He disappeared after that, his rights were bought by DC Comics.....

The mini-series introduces us to Space Ghost in a serious way, delving into his origins. Thaddeus Bach is a member of the elite Police force known as Commandment, but soon learns that corruption is rampant and wants no part of it. Seeking only justice is Bach's downfall, as the other members of Commandment murder his pregnant wife and him. He awakens on the Planet of the Dead, unsure if he has died or just survived. He forms a friendship with an alien; Saloman the Engineer Monk, who shows and teaches Bach how to use a spacecraft and an enhanced uniform with powerful wristbands.

Meanwhile, another alien is ravaging across the universe...Zorak. As Bach seeks vengeance against Commandment, he and Zorak cross paths, and Space Ghost (as Bach is now known) learns that his spacecraft and weapons serve much better at saving lives than taking them. Zorak's plan of enslaving humans is thwarted by Space Ghost, who has become a hero. The man Thaddeus Bach; who had been bitter and filled with rage and seeking vengeance, has changed. He is now Space Ghost, protector of the weak, hero to the masses.

Joe Kelly and Ariel Olivetti did a great job taking a comedic tv character from the 60's and a talk show host from the 90's and turning him into a kick-ass hero with this serious story about his origin. I really hope that DC Comics considers introducing Space Ghost to the DC Universe at large....I'd love to see him flying through space helping Green Lantern, or having a "run-in" with Mongol or Sinestro. With powers of invisibility, enhanced strength, laser-shooting wristbands, & a cool spacecraft....Space Ghost would fit in nicely with the rest of the heroes of DC's universe.

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  1. Hey dude Space Ghost is crossing over with Green Lantern this March, so you'll get your wish! It only took 6 years lol