Thursday, March 18, 2010

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies animated (Review)

Citizen's Grade: O.K.

A bad economy in a troubled nation leads to the unthinkable.....Lex Luther becomes President of the USA! He convinces the nation he is reformed and that he will lead the nation back to greatness. All of the Superhero community believes him....except Superman & Batman. Luther expected their disloyalty, and goes to work to expose them and try and bring them down.

Meanwhile, a planet-sized meteorite made of kryptonite hurtles toward earth, and Luthor has a plan to destroy it while destroying Superman & Batman at the same time. The superhuman community; motivated by Luthor's one billion dollar bounty on Superman, come after our Public Enemies.

Based on the graphic novel by Jeph Loeb & Ed McGuinness, this animated movie provides good plot, good fight scenes, and a unique look within the DC Universe and how they see our Heroes. Of course, the book is better....but this movie is not far behind. The story is basically the same, and the art is good. If you watch this and like it, you would love the book even more!

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