Monday, September 5, 2011

PunisherMax: Kingpin & Bullseye (Review)

Citizen's Grade: O.K.

If you are a fan or The Punisher, then the PunisherMax series is for you! Jason Aaron & Steve Dillon deliver Frank Castle in a brutal, classic way while adding new elements to the character.  Overall a decent series so far dealing with the brutal justice handed out by The Punisher in a way too violent and sinister for the regular Marvel Universe. This review covers the first two collections of the PunisherMax series....Kingpin & Bullseye.

A hail of Bullets changed Frank Castle's life forever. He watched helplessly as mob elements gunned down his wife and children in their crossfire, but Frank Castle is helpless no The Punisher. His mission: to deliver his form of justice and punishment to those that live outside the law.

In Kingpin, we discover how The Punisher indirectly helps The Kingpin rise to power.  Wilson Fisk was just a thug who rose up through the ranks of the mob to become "number 2".  He comes up with an ingenious plan to help the heads of the mob families get rid of Frank Castle once and for all.  His plan....create a "Kingpin of Crime" to draw out The Punisher.

While his plan goes into action, The Punisher is trying to track down this new, mysterious Kingpin.  What Frank & the Mob bosses don't know is that Wilson Fisk; in creating this fictional Kingpin, is actually putting himself in position to become Kingpin.  As the mob leadership is gunned down and taken out of the way, Fisk himself does the rest to secure power and become.....The Kingpin.  The Punisher figures out Fisk's plan too late, but just as he is in position to do something about it.....The Mennonite; a mob assassin, attacks Punisher.  A brutal fight for survival ensues, ending the Mennonite and nearly Punisher.

In Bullseye, the now Kingpin Wilson Fisk is worried about The Punisher ending his he hires an Assassin.  Bullseye never misses, and enjoys the art of killing.....but when Punisher makes him miss, Bullseye becomes something quite disturbing.  He seeks to understand Frank Castle, to see how & why Castle became The Punisher.  He "volunteers" families to join in this search for truth.....and when The Kingpin orders he stop, he locks himself in a room until he can "become" the Punisher.

Meanwhile, Punisher is trying to recover from his wounds (from his fight with The Mennonite)....and come to terms with the life he has chosen to live.  The Kingpin is worried that the pyschotic actions of Bullseye may lead back to him, but Bullseye finally "sees" how it all happened.  He finds all of Punisher's safe houses, guns, and money.....which Kingpin hands over to dirty cops under his thumb.  The Punisher is now on the run from the law himself, after he kills a corrupt Police Detective.

In a showdown with Bullseye, The Punisher garners all the admiration and respect that Bullseye could possibly give....for he knows Frank Castle's secret.   Bullseye reveals his revelation to Punisher, who is shocked to hear it!  Is it true, a misfounded lie by a psychotic assassin.....what did Bullseye say?

Stay tuned to the next chapter of PunisherMax for the will the beaten and injured Punisher survive in prison? What did Bullseye whisper to him, and what will Frank Castle do about it?

Aaron & Dillon deliver the disturbing, violent, brutal life and times of Frank Castle, The Punisher.  If you are a Punisher fan, You will love this series!  If not, then stay is more over the top in it's violence than the average fan can handle!

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