Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Comic Book Corner

With the idea in mind to make my Comic Book/Graphic Novel Collection aesthetically pleasing to the eyes; both  for myself and any friend or family member...whether they are into comics or not, I invested in some magazine racks for my monthly issues and displayed the Graphic Novels with various statues/action figures/etc. on the shelves.  I think it gives the two book shelves a fuller look without the clutter of a Barnes & Noble shelf, and collects my entire love of Comic Books & Characters into a smaller space (which any Wife, Girlfriend, or Mother of a Comic Fan can appreciate).

Add in some book-ends ("trendy" or not, your choice) and you have a great looking display right out of your local comic book shop!

I still have the storage boxes to put my comics in once they fill up their rack, but they are hidden away in my closet.  Originally, the idea of this came to me when I bought a second bookshelf when the first was full.  Over time I decided to get rid of several dozen Graphic Novels that were worthless, I was no longer interested in, didn't enjoy, or was no longer collecting.  This gave me a lot of empty space and looked somewhat "tacky".

It's not all that expensive either!  A couple bookshelves from Walmart, 10 magazine racks from Staples, and about a dozen bookends.....about $150.  Do the same; or similar, with one book shelf for around half that.

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