Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blade Trilogy (Review)

Citizen's Grade: Impressive.

Maybe it's the "Catholic" in me, but I generally like the Vampire-killer movies more than the Vampire-kills movies. The Blade Trilogy is the perfect compliment to my natural inclination.....non-stop silver, sunlight, sword fighting & stake-shooting fun from the ultimate half-Human, half-Vampire....Blade!

Born into this world right after his mother is bitten by a Vampire, Blade is the first of his kind....a half-breed able to tolerate sunlight, he is found as a street-wandering teenager by Whistler....a human whose family was murdered by Vampires, and who now spends his life trying to wipe them out. Whistler & Blade create a formula that suppresses Blade's need to feed, then go to work developing the weapons and tech to take down the Vampire covens.

After saving a woman who looks like his deceased mother, discovering that his mother didn't die, but was turned into a Vampire and defeating an attempt to become all-powerful by using the blood of all the head family members and Blade's in a ritual in the first movie, it ends as Whistler is supposed dead and Blade is in crisis.....but early on in the second movie we find that he is alive in Europe where Blade stops at nothing to find and rescue him.

Betrayed by Whistler's replacement, they must face a "transmuted" Vampire who is evolving into something more sinister. They receive the help of the Vampire leader who gives Blade a team to take down these aberrations. Blade falls for the Leader's daughter, but she is killed by her father's and brother's (who is the first of these "evolved" Vampires) betrayal and rage, after they discover that her father was the one involved in the gene manipulation that created him in the first place.

The third movie begins with the Vampire Nation discovering the tomb of the "original" Vampire, who they convince to help them take down Blade and assume their rightful place as the masters of humanity. Blade loses Whistler after the Vampires set him up on camera killing a human & the FBI raids their base of operations. A new team (which was in place for such an event...set up by Whistler) comes to Blade's aid, and begrudgingly Blade accepts them, but most of them are killed by Vampires. Blade ultimately defeats the "original" and the team creates a virus that kills Vampires when they breathe it in, and closes with Blade alive and well and looking for more Vampires to kill.......

I really liked this series, it stars a whole host of actors and actresses whom you would recognize from other films, but the main stars are Wesley Snipes (as Blade), Kris Kristofferson (as Whistler), Ryan Reynolds & Jessica Biel (as members of the team), and professional Wrestler HHH (as a Vampire) among others. The fight scenes are good, the story is good......and it takes a little known Marvel Comics character and re-imagines him in the present day. If you are a fan of the Vampire genre, then you will probably enjoy this trilogy. The first two movies are the best, though the third has the most action and best special effects....it does so at the expense of the story.

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