Thursday, February 11, 2010

Planet Hulk animated (Review)

Citizen's Grade: O.K.

Tricked by those he considered allies, launched into deep space against his will, marooned on an alien planet, captured and forced to compete in gladiatorial games. The "Green Scar" rises above, goes through, and runs over those in his path, leading the rebels to freedom! That is the basic plot of Planet Hulk!

"The book is always better" opinion rings true here.
Slight changes from the graphic novel to the animated movie don't hurt the story, but I was left feeling as though they had just kind of cut the story off. That is fine though, they would have to make another animated film just to do the ending and lead into World War Hulk.

Maybe I'm just getting too old, or I really just like the books more.....but I'm not "feeling" the whole animation craze right now. Don't get me wrong...Planet Hulk is good, and it is entertaining, and if I hadn't read the book I'd be going out to buy it right now! I guess the graphic novel is just so good that there had to be a letdown when watching the animated film.

Watch this before reading the graphic novel!! You will enjoy it much more, and will be able to see whether you would be interested in the complete Planet Hulk story.

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