Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Top 10 things Comic Books do Better than any other Book...period!

Comic Books are for everyone....A simple sentence that would have jocks, the "cool" crowd, academics, and "arm-chair" philosophers with delusions of grandeur snuffing and snorting their disapproval. But it's true...why else would Hollywood keep making films based on Superheroes? Because people want to be entertained.

Most people have a picture in their mind of some comic book cover from the 50's whenever someone talks on the subject, but the comic book genre of today is some of the best writing, artwork, and vision of anything anywhere. They are now written and drawn for an adult audience....so if you haven't been in a comic shop since you were 8, check one out and peruse through some of the books.....

That brings me to Comik Debris' article "Super Genre", as the blog's author; Marc-Oliver Frisch, expounds on the greatness of the Comic Book Genre.....Thanks Mr. Frisch! Since this is his last post on comics in his blog for the next year, I thought I'd share his outstanding perspective. I'm highlighting the article, please give it a read if you want the whole story.

The Top 10 Things Comic Books do better than any other Book:

1. Brightly Colored Folks Punching and Throwing Lightning Bolts at Each Other.
2. Morally Unambiguous Heroes Whose Virtue Always Pays Off Because They Are Virtually Omnipotent.
3. Ceaselessly Re-Integrate Chunks of Their Own History Like an Endless Palimpsest*.
4. Assimilate and Mash Up Other Genres.
5. Sprawling, Interconnected, Ever-Growing Worlds Built by Thousands of People, One Idea at a Time.
6. Suspension of Disbelief.
7. Pure, Bright, Immediate Emblems of the Hopes and Imagined Potential of a Culture.
8. Explore What We Would Do If We Were Invisible for a Day, Could Fly, or Were God.
9. Let Creators Explore the Limits of Their Imagination Without Being Hampered by Logic or Plausibility.
10. Save the World.

I agree with this entire list, and hope that the people reading this who may think themselves too cool, too smart, or too bourgeois to pick up a comic book or graphic novel would sneak into a comic book shop wearing a disguise and page through a few so they can see what they're missing!

* - A Palimpsest is a manuscript, typically of papyrus or parchment, that has been written on more than once, with the earlier writing incompletely erased and often legible.

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