Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Superman/Batman: Night and Day (Review)

Citizen's Grade: Impressive.

Night and Day is the 9th volume of the Superman/Batman ongoing series, written by Michael Green & Mike Johnson, Scott Kolins, & Peter Johnson. Artwork by Francis Manapul (also does artwork on Flash), Scott Kolins, & Rafael Albuquerque.

Batman finds himself in a Gotham City he isn't familiar with, while Superman experiences the same in Metropolis.....but wait, they are both in the same city! Gothamopolis; a composite city of Gotham & Metropolis, is filled with strange apparitions of heroes and villains that Superman & Batman are unfamiliar with. These strange heroes don't know the Man of Steel or the Dark Knight either! See how Superman & Batman must work with these new heroes
against the mind of lunatic John Dee.

After a short story about Robin & Supergirl's first adventure together, Batman finds himself in a nightmare world ruled by Gorilla Grodd. Unable to find Superman; who had to leave Earth after Grodd used a synthetic-kryptonite dust to pollute the atmosphere, Batman is Earth's last hope against the mind-controlling primate! But when things go wrong, who will be there to help Batman?

A Halloween special issue stars Scarecrow using chemicals to induce nightmares in Superman, Batman, Lex Luthor, & the Joker....

In the Scott Kolins written and drawn "Night of the Cure", Bizarro & the Man-Bat find themselves unwittingly brought together by chance. Bizarro unknowingly causes the failure of the final chance at normality in Man-Bat's life, while also re-uniting with his old friend, Solomon Grundy. Grundy has changed though, and not for the better! Killed by Frankenstein; using the sword of Michael, Grundy has RISEN! Thanks to the Black Ring, Grundy is now a member of the Black Lanterns, and seeks the heart and death of Frankenstein & Bizarro!

The Green/Johnson team continue their great writing, and Scott Kolins does an impressive job writing and drawing the Blackest Night tie-in. Francis Manapul's artwork is fabulous.....this whole volume; which collects 4 short stories, is well done. If you're looking for Christmas ideas for the geeks in your life, pick up this volume....if they don't already own it. Good stories, good artwork, and the plots are self-contained (i.e. the reader doesn't have to know any background or have to read previous volumes to enjoy this!).

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