Sunday, June 6, 2010

Superman by Geoff Johns (Review)

Citizen's Grade: Impressive.

Geoff Johns is my favorite Writer, so when he began tackling the most difficult DC Comic's character to write; the iconic Superman, I had complete confidence that it would be great! I have not been disappointed. After years of average Superman stories (see: "O.K." Superman (Review)...), and a horrible movie (see: Conspiracy Theory.....How Marvel Comics tried to kill Superman)....I was just about ready to give up on Truth, Justice, and The American Way, but Geoff Johns has saved my love for The Man of Steel!

The following Volumes are in chronological order following the "O.K." Superman Volumes:

Superman: Escape from Bizarro World. He is the imperfect clone of the Man of Steel, every bit his equal and opposite. After rampages on Earth leave him feared and hated, Bizarro creates a world of his own...Bizarro World, a planet where chaos and catastrophe are celebrated with "bizarro" Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, and the Justice League. Needing help after his own world rejects him, Bizarro kidnaps Pa Kent, and it's up to Superman to save his father and help his mis-guided opposite. Co-Written by Richard Donner (from the Christopher Reeves Superman films), with great artwork by Eric Powell.

Superman: Last Son. When a Kryptonian child crashlands in Metropolis, Clark and Lois raise him as their own, but Bizarro, General Zod, Lex Luthor, and the Superman Revenge Squad all want Christopher Kent as well! A war rages in the skies of Metropolis over the child, and Superman finds himself trapped in the Phantom Zone. Can the Man of Steel escape and save Christopher? Co-Written by Richard Donnor (Director of the first Superman movie), with art by Adam Kubert. A great fight scene is in this volume in 3D, and the hardcover volume includes 3D glasses!!!! Very cool!

Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes. After responding to a distress call, The Man of Steel journeys to the 31st century to save the greatest friends he's ever known...the Legion of Super-Heroes. Superman's legacy has been twisted into a terrible nightmare in this future, as the xenophobic Justice League of Earth brings war with the United Planet's imminently close. Superman must save the Legion of Super-Heroes and this future, but is he too late? Artwork by Gary Frank.

Superman: Brainiac. Their battles have been legendary, but Superman has never faced the "true" Brainiac....until now!! When invader probes bombard our world, Superman searches the deepest reaches of space to find the source....his old foe, Brainiac. But the Brainiac he encounters is like nothing he's faced before! This volume unlocks the secrets of Kandor; the shrunken Kryptonian city, and Brainiac's plan for Metropolis. This volume is the lead into the mega-series Superman: New Krypton. Fabulous artwork by Gary Frank.

I'm always impressed with the artists they have working on Superman Comics....even when the writing is average or worse, the art is generally very good. Gary Frank, Eric Powell and Adam Kubert continue the legacy of great artistry, which only adds to the already great stories written by Geoff Johns.

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