Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Batman by Grant Morrison....(Review)

Grant Morrison is a great writer; one of my Top 5, and these volumes prove his worth. I fell in love with his writing during his JLA run, which portrayed Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, & Green Lantern Kyle Rayner as Iconic figures saving the time, space, the world, and the universe on countless occasions.

In his Batman run so far, these following volumes have taken The Dark Knight into uncharted territory with Morrison's unique way of thinking and writing.

(In chronological order....)

Batman and Son (Citizen's Grade: Impressive). With artwork by the very talented Andy Kubert, "the sins of the son shall be visited upon the Father." The mysterious Talia; Batman's one-time love and daughter of archvillain Ra's Al Ghul, returns to Batman with a child named Damian....who she claims is Batman's son!

Stunned, The Dark Knight takes in the child, but Damian has his own agenda. Is Damian really just a boy trying to prove himself to his father, or is he out for vengeance on Batman and his "family"?

Batman: The Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul (Citizen's Grade: Impressive). Co-Written by Paul Dini, with artwork by Tony Daniel and Freddie Williams II. The Demon has returned! For centuries, the criminal mastermind Ra's Al Ghul was the terror of the civilized world. He manipulated mankind for his own purposes while using his miraculous "Lazarus Pits" to restore his body time and time again. Only one man has been able to stand in his way; The Batman, who has thwarted his plans and stole the heart of his daughter, Talia.

Batman thought the evil of Ra's Al Ghul was gone forever after the destruction of his body....but the demon's spirit lives on! And why is Damian; his Grandson, a target?

Batman: The Black Glove (Citizen's Grade: O.K.). With artwork by Tony Daniel and J.H. Williams III (highly acclaimed for his recent Batwoman art in Detective Comics). Batman has faced countless enemies and defeated them all, but this time he faces an unknown adversary....brilliant, patient, and utterly evil! An invisible hand has inserted a traitor into the midst of an international club of Batman-inspired heroes and placed murderous Batman impersonators deep within the ranks of Gotham City's Police Department....a hand known only as The Black Glove!

To stop this mastermind, Batman must plunge back into some of his earliest, and strangest cases while pushing his mind, body, and soul to their limits. Who wears The Black Glove?

This volume kinda feels "off-pace" with what Morrison had going with the previous volumes.....trying to show how the mysterious Black Glove had been pulling on the strings in Batman's life. It's still a good read, but just a little slower....

Batman: R.I.P. (Citizen's Grade: Impressive). Artwork was by Tony Daniel. In mind, body, and spirit, Batman has trained himself to the peak of human ability, but this has become The Dark Knight's darkest hour!

Even the World's Greatest Detective has his limits, and his mysterious enemy...The Black Glove...knows exactly what they are. As Batman struggles to keep his sanity against The Black Glove's assault, an alliance of criminal masterminds makes their move on Gotham City and it's protectors....unleashing the perfect storm of murder and mayhem to accomplish their goal, the Joker!

To survive and save everything he holds dear, The Dark Knight must go deeper within himself than ever before.....but once the truth behind The Black Glove is revealed, will The Batman ever be able to find his way back out?

Overall, Grant Morrison's run on the Batman franchise is impressive. His Batman comics sold incredibly well, even with out any mega-crossover help from elsewhere. Now writing Batman & Robin, Morrison's influence and direction on the Batman Franchise should keep it strong well into the future.

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