Monday, June 7, 2010

Top 5 Comic Book Artists

This list comprises the best artists in the Comic Book Industry. Although I could make this list very long, these are the ones that when I see their work....I salivate.

1. Ed McGuinness. Although "cartoony", McGuinness's work is perfect for the books that he does. Superman, Hulk, & Superman/Batman, are among the many that highlight his ability to draw characters larger-than-life in a bulky, overly-muscular style that is great to view. I buy anything with his name on it!

2. Moritat & Ladronn. These are the two main artists in the Elephantmen series, and I list them both together because I haven't seen any of their work other than in the E-books. Detailed to a finest points, these two are premier artists who deserve much publicity and many awards (Ladronn is easily the most detailing artist I've ever seen). Even if Richard Starkings wasn't a genius, I'd buy the E-books just to see their work. Their work is often beyond just have to see it!

3. Ethan Van Sciver. I fell in love with his work during the Green Lantern: Rebirth series. I also loved his work in The Flash, he is a great artist with a very detailed style. His work drawing G.L. John Stewert's ring creations must have taken hours! Completely changed the Green Lantern mythos with his artwork, depicting every G.L.'s ring energy differently.

4. Michael Turner. A great artist who's true talent and abilities will never be fully realized....having passed away from cancer last year at age 39. Too many posters, covers, and works to list here...his highlights include the Fathom series, Superman/Batman: Supergirl, and his Planet Hulk cover. A great syle that mixes an overly-muscular style with unique hairstyles on women characters.

5. Howard Porter. His runs on JLA and The Flash have garnered my respect and admiration. He has a mixed style that isn't too muscular, but not too un-defined. Not a great detailer, but his art is fun to look at and works perfectly with the books he does.

Special Mentions go to Phil Hester (Green Arrow & Anchor), Carlos Pacheco (Superman: Camelot Falls), & Larry Gonick (fun, cartoony style with great facial expressions highlighted in his Cartoon History series).

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