Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Conspiracy Theory.....How Marvel Comics tried to kill Superman

I remember when all the buzz was going on about Bryan Singer leaving the X-Men movie franchise to revive the Superman movie franchise....I was excited! I watched all the trailers, saw the History Channel's show about Superpowers, etc. I knew this would bring Superman to new heights! The special effects that the 80's movies weren't yet privy to.....

Then I saw the movie...
.sigh. Although the special effects were great, Bryan Singer's vision of Superman had lost the most important thing about Superman...his character! I should have been worried when Singer had said that he didn't read comics, but I hoped he would have at least watched one Superfriends, Justice League Unlimited, or the Superman cartoons.....he would have been able to draw out Superman's most important & prevalent powers....his uncompromising class, dignity, honor, & character! Obviously, Singer did not.

The movie bombed in the box office, and DVD sales weren't much better. I almost stopped reading Superman comics because of this debacle of a film....then it hit me!! This was Bryan Singer's plan all along! It was just too convenient. Then when I heard that Singer was returning to the X-Men movie franchise to do another film, I knew what had happened! BRYAN SINGER HAD SABOTAGED THE SUPERMAN FRANCHISE AT THE BEHEST OF MARVEL COMICS!!!!!

Why would he leave the X-Men franchise? It was doing well....two movies since then without him proves that. He is too good a director to not research the history behind Comic's greatest icon.....this had to be a devious, under-handed screw-job! Superman comics were selling well at the time, and Marvel needed an edge. Enter a good director who does an uncharacteristically bad job, and the conspiracy theory takes on a life of it's own. Have the most iconic figure in Comic's history become a illegitimate father & deadbeat dad, too cowardly to acknowledge the truth of his cheating affair with Lois Lane and you have a movie trying to destroy the mythos of Superman....not reinforcing and building upon it...the conspiracy theory gains credibility! It was destined to fail from the start!

Superman will recover, only kryptonite can destroy him....and our society crumbling apart at the seams....but I wonder if Lex Luthor could have come up with a better plan to try and destroy The Man of Steel?

With the announcement that Christopher Nolan (from the hugely successful Batman movies) will be involved in the next Superman film, DC Comics must have realized Marvel Comic's plan and brought in someone they know is loyal to their characters. Shame on you Bryan Singer! I will never watch one of your movies again! Unless of course, it's a Marvel Comics movie......

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