Monday, April 11, 2011

Top 5 Comic Book Writers (Updated...)

It's been over a year since my first Top 5 Comic Book Writers list was posted (See: Top 5 Comic Book Writers), so I thought I would update my list...They are ranked according to how quickly I’ll pull out my wallet whenever I see their name on a comic book title. Note: Previous "Rank" in parenthesis next to writer's name.

1. Geoff Johns (1). Still my top pick, his style of writing just enthralls me. In 2010, wrote the Blackest Night event, cementing the fact that I will collect Green Lantern for as long as he writes the book. Currently finishing up the Brightest Day event, and writing the on-going Green Lantern & Flash series, the upcoming FlashPoint event, and is writing Aquaman later this year. Along with being DC's best writer, he is also Chief Creative Officer of the publisher and is directly involved in the Green Lantern Movie that will be in theatres this year. Johns writes his lead characters with such style you want to be them, and gives you that love/hate relationship with the villains that keeps you coming back for more. His "swurves" in story arcs are the stuff of legend, PURCHASE ANYTHING WITH HIS NAME ON IT!!!

2. Richard Starkings (5). He jumps way up the list mainly because others have stopped writing, or have fallen on "rough times". The creator & writer of Elephantmen (published by Image Comics), he combines great sci-fi concepts with rich character development to weave together one of the best on-going comic books in the industry today! The world of the Elephantmen is both hopeful and dangerous, beautiful and filthy. The book always has stunning artwork, but it's Starkings' writing that keeps me coming back each issue! He has several characters that play important parts and have on-going stories that have continued since Elephantmen began, and they continue to grow deeper and more intricate. Movie Rights for Elephantmen have been sold & his design and lettering company; Comicraft, has done work for DC, Marvel, and every other publisher of note in existence.

3. Grant Morrison (3). Morrison's year has been both wonderful and frustrating for me. He killed Bruce Wayne in Final Crisis, launched the new on-going series Batman & Robin, and Batman Inc. (after he brought Bruce Wayne back)....he has thrown the world of Batman upside down. I'm a Bruce Wayne fan, so I was upset that Morrison would kill him off. I also do NOT like Batman Inc. That said, he is a great writer who definitely thinks out of the box and isn't afraid to try new things. Currently writing Batman Inc., and is the "directional" leader of the Batman franchise. Slated to write Multiverse (? not 100% sure on that title's name) later this year with artist Frank Quitely. Purchase his JLA: Deluxe Volumes & All-Star Superman.

4. Jeph Loeb (2). He has fallen down the list a little; NOT because of his writing, but rather his exclusive contract with Marvel Comics and his promotion to Executive Vice President, Head of Television. It makes sense for Loeb, who's great television success includes Smallville, Lost, & Heroes. But for me, it's always his writing that keeps me salivating for more! His most recent works include his 26 issue run on the Hulk (which was Awesome!), Ultimates 3, & Captain America: White. I can only hope that the four-time Eisner Award winner and five-time Wizard Fan Awards winner will keep penning more comic books! His work on Superman/Batman has spawned two animated movies, and I was glad to see him return to The Hulk...who he and Tim Sale worked on a few years back, producing Hulk: Gray. PURCHASE ANYTHING WITH HIS NAME ON IT!!!

5. James Robinson (-). Robinson is my kind of writer....known for his Starman series and starting the former JSA series, he gets "stuck" with "quickly" finishing up Superman's New Krypton story arc after a great build-up because J. Michael Straczynski is coming in to take Superman to new heights. So, Robinson does what he can in the time allotted, and does well considering. Does he scream, complain, dive over a desk to punch JMS and DiDio for "sticking" him with this load of cow-patties? No, he writes it like a man! He is thrashed by the forum geeks over Cry for Justice, but I liked it! I liked the direction that he gave both Prometheus and Green Arrow. Currently writing Justice League of America. Purchase the Starman Omnibus.

Special Mentions go to JT Krul (wrote Justice League: Rise and Fall, current writer of Green Arrow and Teen Titans. Formerly the main writer of Michael Turner's Fathom series), Scott Snyder (currently writing Detective Comics & creator/writer of American Vampire), and Larry Gonick (creator/writer/artist of the Cartoon History series....the best history series ever!).

Those who "fell off" the list: J. Michael Straczynski (for shunning Superman & Wonder Woman...), & Kevin Smith (for having Batman piss his pants...).


  1. You didn't include Snyder but you put Loeb and Robinson on the list? You have extremely poor taste in writers.

  2. I haven't read enough of Snyder yet to put him on the list, but of what I have read of his, he is very good.

    I can see your point with Robinson, but Loeb is a big-time "go to" guy in both Marvel & DC.