Friday, September 23, 2011

Elephantmen: Dangerous Liaisons (Review)

Citizen's Grade: Awesome.

If you are not already aware, Elephantmen is the best comic book being published today! Period.  I know fans of other books may argue, and I myself do have some favorite characters that would rank higher....but in issue after issue the Writing is brilliant, the Artwork is breathtaking, the Lettering is top-of-the-industry, and the Inking is perfect for the look and feel of this series....EVERY SINGLE ISSUE, EVERY BOOK!!!  When you purchase the volumes you just want to set them on your bookshelf and admire them for hours! Then invite your friends to come look (but DON'T TOUCH!) as well.  I can not recommend this title enough, IT IS the best overall title being published today! Period.

The 3rd Volume of Elephantmen begins following the life and times of The assassin who specializes in eliminating Elephantmen. But his luck turns around (or does it?) when he runs into an old flame, Destiny.  But she hasn't come for small talk and The Silencer quickly finds himself in over his head.  We come to see the dark heart of The Silencer and his ties to MAPPO and Ebony Hide in particular.

Tusk had escaped from his padded cell, and came to Sahara's rescue when her father; Serengheti, tried to kill her.  He ran and now finds himself down by the docks, and making friends? The simpleton Tusk is befriended by an old woman looking for her son Joe (remember Joe?...see: Volume 2 to learn Joe's fate), but unbeknownst to them the LAPD is hunting Tusk, led by the one-eyed Elephantman (really Zebra-Man) Trench.  Tusk's fate is sealed and only a few come to pay their respects....Tusk was unknown to the world, and feared....but in the end loved.

The Marian Churchland drawn stories following and offering insights into the lives of the Women of the Elephantmen is wonderful.  Miki, Sahara, & Vanity Case.....their lives and futures now intertwined with that of the does this affect them in their daily lives. Miki is pregnant, Sahara searches her past, & Vanity Case starts her new job as Hip's assistant.

The final third of the book reveals hidden elements within LA....a MAPPO sleeper-cell....trying to revive the Elephantmen's "old ways". They "reactivate" Ebony Hide, who has a samurai-like showdown with some friends, and Hip Flask is "reactivated" when he arrives at SkyCab with Miki & Ebony to help put out a fire.

Meanwhile, Vanity is befriended by a mysterious man who she is attracted to, knows a lot about her, and convinces her to use her Information Agency badge to get into Ivory Tower to see Sahara & Obadiah Horn.....which of course gets them into trouble....the kind of trouble The Silencer takes care of.  A mysterious package arrives for Sahara with Tusk's head in it, The Silencer thinks he takes care of the mysterious man....what will Hip Flask do to Ebony, Miki, & Tiny now that he's been reactivated?....and what's a SIMM? Find out in Volume 4: Questionable Things!!

If you are not already collecting this awesome series....then BEANS & CHEESE!! What are you waiting for?!?!?

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