Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pax Romana (Review)

Citizen's Grade: O.K.

In 2045, as Islam has overrun Europe and the West openly shuns monotheism, the Vatican funded CERN Laboratories 'discover' that time travel is possible. The Pope orders the creation of a private army, and led by a few handpicked Cardinals and the finest graduates of selected war colleges, they travel back in time to 312AD....the reign of the first Christian Emperor, Constantine. Upon arrival, conflicting agendas, ideological differences, and personal greed see grand plans unravel. Pax Romana is the tale of 5,000 men sent on an impossible mission to change the past and save the future. At the end of the world, will they succeed, or will they fail?

This politically driven, sci-fi epic in Graphic Novel was done by Writer/Artist Johnathan Hickman (currently writing Fantastic Four and Secret Warriors for Marvel Comics), through independent publisher Image Comics. He blends religion and sci-fi with a great "only-in-comic-books" plot in an original story about the past and the future blending together.....and also proving the point that we should never attempt time travel, because this story is exactly the kind of stuff that would happen. I've read rumors that this may be made into a movie, which I would love to see. Hickman's art is decent for this type of story, and I absolutely love the plot!

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