Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Constantine (Review)

Citizen's Grade: Impressive.

"Hell wants him, Heaven won't take him, Earth needs him." That is the byline of Constantine, a film following John of the Graphic Novel series from Vertigo/DC Comics called Hellblazer. Keanu Reeves stars as Constantine, an exorcist with an he begins to realize that something is going on in the supernatural that he must face and defeat, something involving a "spear of destiny".

Meanwhile, Detective Angela Dodson (Rachel Weisz) is trying to cope with the death of her sister and seeks counsel from the Church, where she is told her sister is in hell because she committed suicide. Angela seeks out Constantine, and the two begin to see their paths are coming together bringing something terrible to this plane of existence.

Constantine travels to hell and back (literally) to try and find out what happened to Angela's sister, and why the "laws" of eternity are being broken. Demons are attacking in the open and with Heaven not helping, he must face down hell alone.

This is a great movie, Reeves captures the essence of the comic book character and Weisz and others offer great support in their roles as well. Angels and demons appear in this movie, good special effects and "blowing demons to hell" fight scenes make this enjoyable and entertaining to watch. Tilda Swinton as Gabriel and Peter Stormare as Satan do excellent jobs portraying familiar characters in different ways than usually done.

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