Sunday, August 1, 2010

District Court Judge Crabb for Supreme Court!!!

That's right! Federal District Court Judge Barbara B. Crabb ruled on Thursday (7/29/10) that "Dark Ages" Spawn, Domina and Tiffany, characters from Todd McFarlane’s Spawn comics, are derivatives of "Medieval" Spawn and Angela, two characters created by Neil Gaiman for Spawn #9 in 1992. Here is an excerpt from her ruling:

“According to the rules of the Spawn universe, only one Hellspawn could be on Earth at the same time and the Al Simmons Hellspawn was already around....
Much as defendant tries to distinguish the two knight Hellspawn, he never explains why, of all the universe of possible Hellspawn incarnations, he introduced two knights from the same century. Not only does this break the Hellspawn ‘rule’ that Malebolgia never returns a Hellspawns to Earth more than once every 400 years (or possibly every 100 years, as suggested in Spawn, No. 9), it suggests that what defendant really wanted to do was exploit the possibilities of the knight introduced in issue no. 9.”

That means that either Judge Crabb is a super-comic-book-geek, or that she is extremely serious about her cases and knowing all the possible information that she can about it. Either way, I feel her ruling and the the way she worded it earns her at least being looked at for a Supreme Court Justice seat (as opposed to a professor with no rulings under her belt), or an invite to sign autographs at a Comic-Con near her district.....

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