Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Superman: Red Son (Review)

Citizen's Grade: Awesome.

What if Superman had crashed landed on Earth 12 hours later? In the Ukraine rather than Kansas? Believed in the Communist Ideals rather than the American Way? That is Superman: Red Son!

Writer Mark Millar tells a never before thought of story of Superman…..Soviet protector! Starting in the Stalin years, it holds true to the character ideals of Superman…..the good guy, protecting and fighting for the people. Although “misled” by the communist regime along with Wonder Woman, and ultimately fighting against Batman & Green Lantern, this volume makes you root for the commies!

The last bastion of Capitalism, the United States is led by their hero…. Lex Luthor. President Superman is in the end defeated not by force but by an ideal. Millar uses Luthor as a “good guy” to set straight the misgivings in Superman’s belief system and shows that Superman’s goal of winning the World for the communist ideal has defeated the communist ideal.

Great story, great artwork, and Superman’s costume…..awesome!!

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