Thursday, January 14, 2010

300 (Review)

Citizen's Grade: Awesome!

The movie based on Frank Miller's graphic Novel and the actual historical story is one of the best action films ever made...period! Starring Gerard Butler as King Leonidas, who leads his 300 Spartan Warriors to battle on the Greek Coast against the massive Persian army. The film's special effects are spectacular, gory, and almost constant. How they found that many bodybuilders who could act is beyond

Historically speaking, the film is a "little" off.....that's o.k. though, they are only very minor inaccuracies. Take for instance that the Spartans were all bi-sexual, and Spartan tradition called for all older men to mentor teenage boys in warrior skills and as lovers. Gay Spartan men kicking ass probably wouldn't have went as well at the box office.....the portrayal of Spartan culture, how their cities looked, and the aggressiveness of the Spartan Women is "dead on".

"....We will rain so many arrows down on you it will block out the sun!", yells the Persian Emissary, "Then we will fight in the shade," responds the Spartan warrior (reportedly a true exchange) doesn't get any better!! This was the last movie I actually went to the overpriced movie theatre to see, and it was there the great revelation hit me.....Women may not enjoy this as much as men! Two of the three women I saw this with fell asleep in the movie theatre! I didn't care because I didn't pay for their tickets, but just be aware ladies.....this may be a film just for men.

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