Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Top 5 Graphic Novels

This list was extremely difficult to come up with. I wish I could just do a top 100 list….but that would be a lot of typing, and probably get a little boring. I made the list by deciding which five graphic novels I would grab & say belonged to someone else if the IRS took everything I owned.

1. Green Lantern: Rebirth. Written by Geoff Johns, artwork by Ethan Van Sciver. This collection re-introduces Hal Jordan as Green Lantern. I would have bought this on John’s name alone, but also just for the artwork by Van Sciver! A must-read if you’re new to comics or the Green Lantern character.

2. Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. Written by Jeff Loeb, artwork by Ed McGuinness. The saying goes, “The book is always better than the movie”, and if you liked the DVD S/B: Public Enemies, than you’ll love the book! Loeb tells the story from both Superman’s & Batman’s perspective, and McGuinness’s artwork is top notch! A great read if you don’t collect Supes or Bats monthlies but want to know more about the characters.

3. Planet Hulk. Written by Greg Pak, artwork by various. Soon to be released on DVD, Planet Hulk is a great, original story about the Hulk! Marooned on a distant planet, forced to be a gladiator, the great rebel leader the Green Scar shows the Hulk; not as a mindless monster, but as a calculating and fearless rebel leader. Pak solidified my respect with this collected volume.

4. Identity Crisis. Written by Brad Meltzer, artwork by Rags Morales. This event has me wishing that Meltzer and Morales did more work together! A very mature story involving the violation of one of the Justice League’s wives, a rush to judgement, the death that ensues, and the crumbling of trust and respect among the heroes involved. I actually cried when Batman & Robin are rushing to try and save Robin’s father. This volume brought me back into collecting comics!

5. Superman: Red Son. Written by Mark Millar, artwork by various. Millar tells a wonderfully original story of Superman’s life. Crash landing in the Ukraine instead of Kansas, raised with the ideals of a communist utopia rather than the American Way, protector of the Proletariat! The artwork is fantastic and the Hammer & Sickle replacing the “S” on his chest makes you want to join the communist party.

Special Mentions go to Green Arrow: Quiver (Kevin Smith/Phil Hester), Superman/Batman: Supergirl (Loeb/Michael Turner), & Hip Flask: Unnatural Selection (Richard Starkings & Casey/Ladronn).

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