Sunday, January 31, 2010

Batman: Wrath (Review)

Citizen's Grade: Sucked.

This collection from the Batman Confidential series left me greatly disappointed. The story follows the Wrath; both the original and the "second", as they try to destroy Batman. The original Wrath; born out of the similar tragedy as Bruce Wayne, is the anti-Batman. Of course The Batman outwits his evil "twin", but his protege; the second Wrath, comes back years later to finish the job his mentor couldn't.

Batman; with the help of Nightwing, defeat the second Wrath. They discover that the tragedy that led to Wrath's rampage was Commissioner Gordan's shooting of his parents years earlier. The Wrath believed Gordon to be corrupt, but Gordon explains that he was justified (as the incident proves).

The volume has a good plot, but writers Tony Bedard & Mike Barr just seem to drag it along without any excitement. After reading "The Cat and The Bat" I came away disappointed. Rags Morales' artwork is good, but once doesn't match up to the previous volume. The good thing about the Batman: Confidential series is that you can skip volumes without missing out on anything....and this is one to skip.

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