Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Top 5 Comic Book Writers

I thought I would post my Top 5 Comic Book writers. I will be polite and NOT post my top 5 worst writers. They are ranked according to how quickly I’ll pull out my wallet whenever I see their name on a comic book title.

1. Geoff Johns. I absolutely love his style of writing, and his willingness to delve into the minds of Rogues/Villains. He made me love the Flash’s Rogues almost as much as I love the Flash! Same with Sinestro. He seems to be able to weave great short stories into huge “never-saw-it-coming” events that leave my mouth gaping open saying “Whoa!” His list includes: Green Lantern, Flash, JSA, Hawkman, Superman, and the new Flash series “Rebirth” and upcoming new monthly.

2. Jeph Loeb. I love his ability to tell a story from multiple angles. This was never better done than during his Superman/Batman run. He wrote the first 4 volumes of that monthly series, and I still collect them although he no longer writes them… that’s a good writer! the Batman trilogy series he wrote was also fantastic. He is currently writing Hulk for Marvel Comics, which has had a lot of bad reviews on the forums….but I like it, and collect the volumes. His list includes: Batman: Haunted Knight, BM: Long Halloween, BM: Dark Victory, Superman/Batman (vol. 1-4), Batman: Hush, & Hulk (Vol. 1 thru present).

3. Grant Morrison. He is different. He has the ability to use little known heroes/villains in new and unique ways that make you love them. A prime example was Aquaman during his JLA run. They started a Aquaman monthly based on the popularity Morrison gave him, then cancelled the monthly when Morrison stopped writing JLA. He didn’t even write the monthly series!! Now that is POWER!! He also is not scared to take characters into new directions. Prime example: Batman. Killed in R.I.P./Final Crisis shocked the comic world! Now, Bruce Wayne Returns will turn the comic world upside down again! His list includes: JLA, All-Star Superman, Final Crisis, Batman, and is currently writing Batman & Robin.

4. J. Michael Straczynski. Creator of Babylon 5 (tv series), screen writer of Changling (starring Angelina Jolie) & Ninja Assassin… also writes Comics! The only Amazing Spiderman I’ve ever collected is what he wrote. The only Thor I’ve ever collected is what he wrote. I am no longer collecting either since he left……enough said. Although I didn’t really get into his independent stuff, he is a great writer who likes to weave long stories over years. However, he has proved recently he is just as adapted to doing “one & dones” as he is telling mega-plots. His list includes: Amazing Spiderman (vol. 1-10, The Other, Civil War, Back in Black, & One More Day), Thor (vol. 1-3), and is currently writing The Brave & The Bold for DC Comics.

5. Richard Starkings. Creator and Writer of the Elephantmen series from Image Comics. As much as I’d love to see him write characters in the big 2, I love that he puts all his best work into probably the best comic series going right now…. Elephantmen! I actually bought Strange Embrace (which I didn’t like & He didn’t write) based solely on his recommendation. I do not hold it against him either…. that is how much I love his work. He also seems to pull the best artists out of thin air to draw his Elephantmen…..making me wonder why DC or Marvel didn’t find them? In a couple years may be at the top of this list. His list includes: Elephantmen (vol. 1-3), Hip Flask (vol. 1 & 2), Elephantmen: War Toys, & E: Damaged Goods.

Special mentions go to Larry Gonick (creator/writer/artist of the Cartoon History of the Universe vol. 1-3, C.H. of The Modern World vol. 1-2, and C.H. of the United States), Kevin Smith (wrote Daredevil, Green Arrow, & Batman: Cacophony), & Mark Millar (Superman: Red Son, & Ultimates).

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