Sunday, July 1, 2012

Planetoid #1 (Review)

From the outset of this issue, you find that the plot is simple: Man crashes into strange planet. The Story is simple: Man attempting to survive on said planet. The artwork is great, the grays and blacks contrasting nicely with our main character. It's a strange and original world with mechanical beasts and lizard-like creatures that chew and digest metal. This first issue contained a good introduction to the Planetoid "universe", had well-placed action panels, and a good ending to lead into issue #2.....

Our main character; Silas, crashes onto the planet when it's powerful electromagnetic radiation renders his ship useless. Silas wonders about, looking for other lifeforms and trying to figure out where he is and how to escape.

Our metal-chomping lizard friends eat his tent, and then he finds himself face-to-"face" with this.......(see: panel on right)....giant snake-like creature that lives in a lake of toxic petrol-based sludge. He manages to destroy the mechanical creature, but is wounded in the process. Saved by a stranger, Silas passes out and wakes up later with wounds bandaged and the stranger; Mendel, feeding him lizard soup.

They share stories.....Mendel explains how the planet became the way it is, Silas shares his history and how he crashed on this forsaken planet......Silas plans to leave, but Mendel explains that there is no leaving this planet!!

Ken Garing is a rising star in the comic book industry. He came out of nowhere with this wonderful story that really fits the niche of Terminator (i.e. if you like Terminator, you will like this!), though is completely different! Garing is the writer, artist, colorist, etc. for this 5-issue mini-series that I wouldn't mind seeing continuing as a monthly on-going title.


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