Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yvette's NOT dead!!!!!

For fans of the Elephantmen series; created by Richard Starkings, the death of Yvette in the War Toys:No Surrender storyline was always somewhat of a letdown. I always imagined that Starkings didn't realize that Yvette would become so popular to the readers of the series, but there was another reason.......

....Yvette's NOT dead!!! I'm not sure how yet (until I read the issue!), but according to an interview with Marian Churchland @ Newsarama, Yvette will be co-starring in a new War Toys one-shot, Agathe! After starring in a War Toys one-shot of her own, Yvette is the object of curiosity and obsession in War Toys: Agathe, which focuses on Yvette's rescuers.

For more information on the background story of Yvette, read the Scavenger Review of Elephantmen: War Toys.

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