Sunday, August 22, 2010

Superman: The Coming of Atlas (Review)

Citizen's Grade: O.K..

Atlas, ruler of a world through the power of his might. After conquering all, he is tricked by the magic of a servant.....and transported through space and time, caught and brought into the world of "now" by a secret and dangerous organization. This secret group; ran by a shadowy General, is bent on studying and ultimately destroying Superman.

Atlas is "brought up to speed", and is recruited through his vain pride to help this organization in bringing down the Man of Steel. Let loose in the city of Metropolis, Atlas wreaks havoc upon the citizens of Metropolis, calling out a challenge to Superman!
 Superman answers the call, but the mysterious magics enveloping Atlas leave Superman helpless against him. As the shadowy figures helping Atlas by all means necessary feel secure in Superman's doom, the Man of Steel's best friend arrives to help...but is it too late?

This volume; written by James Robinson & with artwork by Renato Guedes, is a build-up to the Superman: New Krypton storyline from the "Earth's" perspective. It is the introduction of the shadowy, secret, military organization who's purpose is the study of, and ultimately the means of Superman's destruction. Using various enemies and circumstances over years, they are building an arsenal and the technology to control the most powerful hero of Earth, and possibly the Universe.

The story, though basic in design (many panels of the cataclysmic fight between Superman and Atlas) enlightens us to the growing perceived threat that the rich and powerful feel towards the Man of Steel. The "players" involved in this conspiracy are brought more to light in the New Krypton series, and the identities are surprising. Robinson's contribution to the New Krypton event along with Geoff John's Superman: Brainiac show these two are on the same page and dedicated to bringing Superman back to the forefront of DC Comics.

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