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Green Arrow: Into the Woods & GA: Salvation (Review)

Green Arrow: Into the Woods & Green Arrow: Salvation.  These two volumes, which included all 15 issues of the new Green Arrow series; previous to the Green Arrow series (New 52), were tie-ins to the Brightest Day mega-event that permeated the DC Universe.

Green Arrow has had great trials as of late.....the destruction of most of Star City (causing the death of his Grandaugher), exacting final justice on the source of the Star City's destruction (Prometheus), having been turned into a Black Lantern (causing him to verbally, mentally, & physically attack his wife, son, & protege Speedy), and then being turned into a White Lantern to help defeat Nekron (the source behind the Blackest Night).....a Brightest Day has dawned!  At least for others, anyway.
A mysterious, living, and magical forest springs up in the destroyed center of Star City....and Green Arrow takes refuge there to escape the mistakes and regrets of his past.

The citizens of Star City are trying to rebuild and get on with their lives, but larger forces seek control and wealth at their expense....including someone with close ties to Oliver Queen's father. The Queen; and her bodyguard/assassin Nix, seeks to control Queen Industries, Star City, and rid her life of Green Arrow and anyone else who would stand in her way!

As time passes, Green Arrow begins to notice strange happenings in the forest.  Visits by Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Mister Terrific, & Doctor Midnight only confirm his suspicions.  He is visited by his dead Mother. Gallahad; claiming to be a Knight of the Forest, arrives to assist Green Arrow as well.  Whether Gallahad is truly the Knight from Arthur's roundtable or just a mental patient is debatable, but he is skillful with a sword and wants to protect the forest at all costs. Jason Blood and his "associate"Etrigan the Demon, arrive soon after......Etrigan states that the forest is evil and goes about trying to merge with it as it attacks our Emerald Archer and his friends.

Archer, Knight, & Occultist stand their ground against Etrigan & the Forest.....protecting the tree with the White Lantern symbol at all cost.....and eventually are victorious. Green Arrow; however, begins to see that the forest may not be all that "good".  The forest begins spreading and attacking people and Green Arrow and friends find themselves fighting against the forest as SwampThing is revealed as the "Protector" in the Brightest  Day story arc.

In the end, Green Arrow decides it's better to face his troubles than run from them.

cover of Green Arrow: Salvation
Our favorite Emerald Archer is then asked to assist in transporting a dangerous religious fanatic, who escapes, & wreaks havoc.  Green Arrow & the Star City Police Department battle the fanatic followers of Reverend Billy Miggs.....who commit mass suicide to help their leader.

Eventually; with the help of Batman, Green Arrow is able to overcome Reverend Miggs' and his followers....

The Brightest Day tie-ins (which you don't have to read to understand what's going on) give us a "Robin Hood" sort of feel to Green Arrow, as he lives in the forest and does what he can to help the "little man".  Throw in a magical forest, some side characters and you've got yourself a good story.  Additionally, add in an arc about a crazy religious fanatic and his followers, an appearance by Batman and you've got yourself another decent story.

All in All, if you like Green Arrow you'll enjoy these volumes.....if not, you may be taking your chances. Though it probably is the last time you'll see the "classic" Oliver Queen/Green Arrow character for a long, long time.
Citizen's Grade: O.K.

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  1. Some of the Green Arrow covers were outstanding, but I've heard mixed opinions about the story.

    By the way, you have quite an interesting blog. I especially enjoyed your review of Saga # 1. I think it was a very solid first issue and I also reviewed it on my blog: