Thursday, April 26, 2012

O.M.A.C. #8 (Review)

Omit, Mutilate, And Cancel.....the title of issue #8, the end of the O.M.A.C. series.....which I suppose is fitting, considering Jack Kirby's original series lasted only 8 issues as well.  It makes you wonder if it was planned that way?  Considering O.M.A.C.'s writer; Dan DiDio, most assuredly knew the orginal series only lasted 8 issues at the beginning of this venture....I find it very likely that it was planned, and smile at myself that it didn't occur to me sooner.

Issue #8 is a narrative given to us by Kevin Kho....his "last will and testament" things are seemingly going badly for Kho and Brother Eye.  Eye is in a strategic battle to the death with Maxwell Lord (head of the secret government organization, Checkmate), as O.M.A.C. wreaks havoc on Eye's behalf......  

Keith Giffen's artwork is top-notch, and I'm personally glad that he stayed on till the end of this series. Giffen's art paid homage to the Kirby's style, and really made this title AWESOME!

A beautiful layout of O.M.A.C. shredding through Checkmate's forces at their underground fortress, hidden within Mount Rushmore begins the action of this issue.....meanwhile, Brother Eye battles the forces of Checkmate in Earth's they have; at last, found the sentient satellite!

A great two page layout in issue #8....has to be seen at full size to be appreciated!!

Checkmate's special agents try to gain the upper hand against our mohawked-monster, but are unsuccessful...even after Lord Mokkari "blinks" in a giant Gobbler to destroy O.M.A.C.  As the two fight, they rip apart and tear down areas of Checkmate's base.  After the Gobbler is destroyed, Sarge takes it personally and attacks O.M.A.C. himself, but loses an arm in the process...when O.M.A.C. blinks away.

cover of JLI #9 (by David Finch)
Kevin Kho finds himself back at his apartment, where Jody (His Fiance) is waiting for him.  He begins to explain the whole situation to her, but is interrupted by Checkmate soldiers looking to destroy O.M.A.C.!!  He "OMACTIVATES", showing Jody what he has become! Meanwhile, Maxwell Lord checkmates Brother Eye, magnetizing the sentient satellite, who begins collecting the nearby asteroids until he is trapped.  As a last act, Eye gives Kho one last "gift".....O.M.A.C.'s body and strength with Kho's brain and personality.

Jody pleads for Kevin to stay and let her try and help him.....but Kevin realizes the inevitable, and responds to Jody, "Kevin Kho is dead. I am O.M.A.C."

A wonderful series that was truly one of the best of DC's "New 52", in my opinion.  Sad that it's gone, but glad it ended in a way that pays homage to the legendary Jack Kirby. Rumors are that O.M.A.C. will be joining the Justice League International (JLI)....starting in issue #9 of that title, which also has O.M.A.C. on the cover!  For this issue, and the entire series of O.M.A.C., Citizen's Grade: AWESOME!!!

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