Thursday, February 11, 2010

Planet Hulk (Review)

Citizen's Grade: Awesome.

Tricked by those he considered allies, launched into deep space against his will, marooned on an alien planet, captured and forced to compete in gladiatorial games. The "Green Scar" rises above, goes through, and runs over those in his path, leading the rebels to freedom! That is the basic plot of Planet Hulk!

Written by Greg Pak, with art by various. Greg Pak does an awesome job of creating new characters, a new planet, and a completely original Hulk story for the Marvel Universe. He has completely revitalized the Hulk character, and this collection known simply as Planet Hulk is easily one of the top 5 Graphic Novels I've ever read.

The artwork is stellar (by all the various artists), and the feel of the novel from beginning to end is the movie Gladiator mixed with a little sci-fi. I've been a fan of the Hulk for years.....ever since he turned gray....but I had never read a Hulk story with such in-depth plots (not only those of the surrounding characters, but with the Hulk himself), such "far out" supporting characters, and with such great art.

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