Sunday, January 31, 2010

Green Lantern Corps: Emerald Eclipse (Review)

Citizen's Grade: Impressive.

The Green Lantern Corps series has been just as awesome as the parent title recently! Peter Tomasi works hand-in-hand with Geoff Johns to present some of DC Comic's finest work to date with this latest volume: Emerald Eclipse.

This volume is all over the place. While The Guardians are in Sector 2828 with other members of the G.L. Corps (see: Green Lantern Agent Orange), Kyle Rayner & Guy Gardner are on OA dealing with the recent "law" that members of the Corps cannot marry or have relationships. Raynor also is planning a mural to the Corps members who have passed. A secret relationship is revealed between Kyle & Soranik.

Meanwhile, Mongol & the Sinestro Corps (without Sinestro, deposed by Mongol) take over the planet Daxam (homeplanet of "Ion" Sodam Yat). Yat and Arisia travel there to deal with that emergency as Red Lantern Vice is imprisoned in the science cells on OA. He breaks free and begins killing fellow prisoners and Green Lanterns alike. A total prison riot ensues, until the Alpha Lanterns show up and end it all.

Meanwhile, Green Lantern Saarek travels to the remains of the AntiMonitor's armor to try and track down any remains of the villain. He meets up unexpectedly with Green Lantern Ash, also sent on the same mission by the same Guardian. They travel on together to find a revelation they didn't expect....

Meanwhile (yes, another story playing out...) Sinestro confronts Soranik to reveal that he is in fact her Father! They have the "deadbeat Dad-disgruntled Daughter" conversation, and Sinestro leaves to deal with Mongol and to get his Corps back.

Mongol and the Sinestro Corps have to evacuate Daxam after Yat sacrifices himself to turn their red sun yellow, giving the Daxamites powers similar to Superman's. Rayner and Gardner confront the Alpha Lanterns when they begin mass executions of all prisoners involved in the riot on OA. The Blackest Night is unleashed!

Peter Tomasi is a great writer, and he continues in this volume bringing several developing stories together for the giant, mega-event....BLACKEST NIGHT!!! Patrick Gleason's artwork is very good...he draws aliens very well! A must-have if you're a Green Lantern fan.

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