Thursday, May 24, 2012

Saga #3 (Review)

So, we find Marko, Alana, & Hazel still in the Endless Woods (it is "endless", you know).....Marko bleeding to death from The Stalk's attack last issue, and the "horrors" having appeared.

We quickly learn that the "horrors" aren't exactly that, but rather are ghosts...."spiritual defenders of Cleave".  Marko regains consciousness momentarily and lets Alana know that he would need snow for a healing spell.....of course it's sweltering, and they are nowhere near snow.  One of the Ghosts; Izabel (see: cover on left), offers to help....for a price.  She wants off Cleave, but can only achieve escape if she's bonded with someone born on Cleave.  Alana is wary about allowing a ghost to bond to her daughter, but she does need snow for Marko.

The Stalk is still about, but is too busy fending off the indigenous wildlife to keep pursuing Marko, Alana, & Hazel.  She calls The Will, and we learn that the two have had a "past".   Prince Robot IV is planetside as well....

Izabel was a tradegy of the war between Marko & Alana's alien races.  She promises that she has no ill will toward either of them though, and reassures Alana that her husband is not dead.....

How does Izabel know Marko's not dead?

Prince Robot IV begins his interrogation of prisoners to try and find the secrets that led to Alana and Marko's escape.  His tactics are a bit....odd.

Do NOT make Prince Robot IV's screen go "snowy", you wouldn't like him when he's "snowy"!!

Izabel shows she is a good ghostly Alana burping instructions.  Alana allows Izabel to bond with Hazel to save her husband.

The issue ends with the revelation that Marko was married before (or still currently is) to a Gwendolyn.  He lets this slip in a "bleeding-to-death-in-&-out-of-consciousness" state, asking Alana to,  "please tell my bride I loved her...please tell Gwendolyn I loved her so much...."  Uh-oh, that can't end well.

Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples bring another great issue in this awesome series, without forced action sequences....just a good story with great characters.  Citizen's Grade: Impressive.

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