Saturday, June 16, 2012

Godzilla: Gangsters & Goliaths (Review)

I've decided that it's "Godzilla Week" at Superhero Reviews!! Although Godzilla: Gansters & Goliaths may not contain the most deeply intricate story plots....and the main characters don't speak, they simply roar or "skreeonk" can you not love the random and all-encompassing chaos and destruction?

Written by John Layman, with artwork by Alberto Ponticelli....G:G&G revolves around Tokyo Police Detective Makoto Sato, who tries to end the corruption and violence of mob boss Takahashi.  Takahashi murders his partner and frames him for it, has his cronies take Sato out to sea to murder him and dispose of the body......they end up just off the coast of Monster Island.

Sato makes a bold move and escapes death momentarily, only to find himself washed up onshore Monster Island with the mob guns right behind him.

Sato escapes death again when the mob cronies annoy Godzilla by shooting him in the foot.  Two escape with their life (barely) and inform Takahashi.  Godzilla then turns to Sato, who is saved by Mothra's intervention.  Sato awakes to find that Monks of the Elias (two tiny women who uphold the balance of the universe) have taken care to nurse him back to health.

Seeing an oportunity to find justice for his murdered partner, and take down the Takahashi criminal organisation, Sato kidnaps the Elias and returns to Tokyo.  Mothra is influenced (i.e. controlled) by the Elias, so it follows them to Tokyo as well.  Sato formulates a plan to destroy Takahashi using Mothra and the Elias' help.

You can't stop Godzilla, you can only
hope to contain him!!
Despite the Elias' misgivings about his plan, Sato forces their help and that of Mothra.  Takahashi is not deterred; however, and seizes the opportunity to take over all of Tokyo's criminal underground as a result of Mothra's destruction of various ports, buildings, etc. at Sato's behest.  Takahashi finds Sato through the torture of his son......and takes the Elias captive.  The Monks from Monster Island arrive and confront Takahashi in an attempt to rescue the Elias, but are gunned down by Takahashi.

Meanwhile, Godzilla and the other giant creatures of Monster Island have followed Mothra, the Elias, & Detective Sato to Tokyo as well.  Wreaking havoc upon the unsuspecting masses, who have no idea why it's happening.  Sato realizes that he is to blame for this mass destruction, having "upset the balance" of the Universe.  His son convinces him to take action, so they break into a government facility and steal/borrow an older version of Mechagodzilla!

After battling some giant beasts, Sato and son crash Mechagodzilla into the building Takahashi is at....attempting to save the Elias.  Just as Sato believes he's saved the Elias, Takahashi confronts him in an attempt to kill him!!  Godzilla arrives and squashes Takahashi like a bug just in time......Sato returns the Elias to Monster Island, all the Monsters follow them back, Tokyo begins to rebuild, and Sato's sons come to visit him......on Monster Island, where he is now a Monk for the Elias.

A decent story, decent art, great displays of Monstrous destruction!! Citizen's Grade: O.K.

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